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  • Gun Control Good Or Bad

    San Bernardino, California; Charleston, South Carolina; Newtown, Connecticut and Roseburg, Oregon. These cities separated by hundreds of miles all have been visited by a certain tragedy that make them the same. This tragedy is the senseless massacre of its citizens by the use of guns. Many people ask why gun control is something we need and the answer to the question is because it keeps violent and mindless crimes such as these from happening. It has been shown that in many developed…

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  • Essay On Gun Reform

    Everyday across the United States roughly 89 citizens are killed related to an incorrect use of a firearm (Prevention Institute). There is no clear answer or explanation on how this happens, but we all know it’s gotten out of hand. Society is scared, parents worry about their children at school, couples cannot go to a movie or the mall without slight suspicion. We all want a safe solution, but there is no clear path to reach this goal. There needs to be an equal balance when creating new firearm…

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  • Gun Related Shootings

    Gun Control laws have reduced Gun related deaths We all have seen on the news the horrible stories of Mass shootings at high schools colleges, movie theaters, and even elementary schools. Over fourty-nine dead and over One hundred injured in the recent Orlando Florida nightclub shooting spree. Why should we care? We should care because the next person to purchase a gun just to kill as many people as they can may kill you or your family. Whether you support safety measures or not,…

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  • Essay On School Shootings

    Devastating, frightening and incomprehensible, school shootings are hardly new to the United States of America. Statistics gathered from just ten school shootings, account for one hundred and thirty-three dead and one hundred and forty-two injured, representing the work product of America’s ten deadliest school shooters. To qualify as one of the ten deadliest, the shooter must have struck a minimum of ten individuals and caused at least five deaths. Yet, the question remains, what type of person…

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  • My Reflection On My Experience As A Clinical Assistant

    Question 1 - What experience have you had that has given you insight into the patients you hope to eventually serve? During my paramedic education, I had to fulfill clinical hours in the emergency department at Legacy Salmon Creek. During that time, I’ve interacted with patients who have suffered life-threatening ailments, but many of my interactions were with patients who weren’t experiencing life-threatening episodes. Understandingly, the latter of these patients use the emergency department…

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