The Advantages And Importance Of Globalization And Social Media

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“Social media is an internet based networking that allows people to create , share and exchange their ideas, emotions and feelings with others through different social websites all around the globe”.it is the new media . it is the online communication that allows people to share , write ,exchange and express their feelings in the form of communication on different networking sites e.g Facebook , twitter , likndin , Google etc. Social media is the fastest form of communication we can connect with each at any time in any part of the world through internet. Internet is playing its key role in the cultural imperialism and globalization by launching different social networks. it is means of interaction among the people . With the arrival of social …show more content…
Social media helps us in globalization because we can keep in touch with each other it helps people to learn about others culture. The research is very important because we can find the effects of social media and its reasons behind the effects. We can also evaluate the true facts of socialization its advantages and is important to know the causes of destruction of relationships by social media .it also tells us how world is globalizing and transforming through communication and is very important to tell the importance of social media to others because it is fast flow of information but also distracting our generation. There is one more reason why people are using social media is entertainment people can watch videos displayed by others on their timeline, people can see pictures of others, they can read stories, articles and blogs and they can also spend their type on playing games. With the increase in usage of mobiles, laptops and tablets people have more chance to avail social media because they can use social media any time anywhere. Since starting culture has been changed this is the time when culture of social media is on its

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