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  • A Short Story Of Adeline: A Narrative Fiction

    pale skin as she breathed in the smell of cold rain falling from the gray sky above, the moon peeking through the clouds. The pine air freshener in the shape of a green tree, hanging from the rear view mirror swung back and forth as the car moved. Window rolled down, she watched as the raindrops rolled down the cold glass as if in a race, her fingertips…

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  • New Mexico Narrative

    Moving from Albuquerque, New Mexico was the first impactful event of my life. When I was seven years old and almost a half, my parents told me that my family of six was going to pack up everything, leave our home, our livelihood, and move to Idaho. At this time, I was young, but I knew I was going to miss Albuquerque. Already, I knew I was going to miss the plump dappled quails who walked quickly with their wee babies toddling behind in a straight line and the skinny, all leg, roadrunners who…

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  • Based On True Love Analysis

    territory that he has not discovered completely. The speaker even says a paradoxical statement, “your eyes have their silence” (line 2) in reference to how his lover is so mysterious. This line is in conjunction with the idea that the eyes are the windows of the soul. The eyes never lie and show one’s sentiments and state of mind without words. This should also be the case for his lover as well, but he cannot decipher her. Her eyes are…

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  • Southern Way Of Life In A Rose For Emily

    William Faulkner’s short story A Rose for Emily was one of his first published short stories, published in Forum magazine in 1930. “A Rose for Emily” has become one of Faulkner’s most read and praised works due to its portrayal of aberrant psychological and political ideas. In “A Rose for Emily”, Faulkner portrays the death of the traditional Southern way of life through his characters, including Miss Emily and the townspeople, places, such as Emily’s home and the town, and events that take…

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  • Advertising Language In John Steinbeck's 'Twelve Angry Men'

    way to explain the personality of juror twelve is very cheesy he uses this idea of advertising language which is tremendously cheesy way of wording statements for example “Here’s an idea. Let’s run it up the flagpole and see if anyone salutes it.”(Rose 16). Another personality, he brought along from his job was relating everything back to graphs, numbers and statistics. Away from his personalities he brought from work he was acutely easy to sway and could be convinced very easily also seemed to…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Most Valuable Possession Of My House

    ran to the window. Lightning flashed, thunder rang but dad still hadn’t returned. Then I saw it: a wide, violent rotating column of air had extended from the thunderstorm. It sprinted forward, tearing through the dark land. It pulled the trees and hurled humans and vehicles…

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  • The Wife's Story By Ursula K. Le Guin Analysis

    For society to become morally adept and just, we must learn to accept or reject those who are different from us. Most of society reject people based on the way people look or the way they act. In these situations rejection and acceptance varies. When someone is inherently evil or bad they must be rejected by society to vanquish poor intentions, but there are situations where society has to accept others. In situations where people are rejected because of the way they look. But in most situations…

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  • Ever Bloom Character Analysis

    Evermore What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of a near death experience? Imagine being in the car with your family and the wagging tail of your dog who is happily sticking his head out the window, everything is perfect, nothing could be better, but then CRASH! Everything shatters, all you can remember is seeing your family dead on the ground, a warm bright light, the paramedics asking your name, and everything else is blank. You wake up in a hospital bed with no…

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  • The Immigrants: The Immigration Act Of 1882

    families worked out of their own apartments as well- sewing clothes or rolling cigars…the atmosphere was suffocating.” (Raymond). The living conditions were repulsive, it was unsanitary and many tenements didn’t even have lighting. Immigrants had to use windows for light and many even had to go out to pumps to get water and many of the housings didn’t have any, and they had to heat their water on stoves for bathing and washing clothes and dishes (Blanck). During this time the population was…

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  • Why Is Animal Farm Bad

    rebelled against Napoleon for taking all of their eggs and selling them. They rebelled by laying their eggs in the rafters so they fell on the floor and broke. Napoleon punished them with death. In the last chapter when the animals look through the windows to see what’s happening with Napoleon and the farmers, it foreshadows that the animals will rebel against his wicked ways. Some can argue that at least the farm doesn’t have to deal with the cruelness off Mr. Jones anymore, but the cruelness…

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