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  • Henry Hobson Richardson: The Revival Of Ancient Architecture

    father of the Richardsonian Romanesque architecture. The revivals…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Basilica Of St Senin And Cathedral Of Chartres

    Comparing and Contrasting: The Basilica of Saint Sernin and Cathedral of Chartres Centuries have passed and to this day churches tower above France, marking the astonishing legacy of the Romanesque and Gothic styles designed in the Middle Ages. A Romanesque church example is the Basilica of St. Sernin in Toulouse, France 1080-1120 (fig.1) and an example of a Gothic church is the Cathedrale de Notre Dame de Chartres in Chartres, France 1194-1260 (fig.2). Much like their periods, the Basilica of…

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  • Gislebertus Analysis

    Europe, Gislebertus had the demonstration of the expressive range relief of Eve. The discovery of Eve was at the north portal of the cathedral in which was dismantled. On the other side of the lintel where the relief was balanced, the representation of Adam was existent (Janson’s History Book of Art pg.364). The message portrayed in the making of Eve was being able to incorporate movement and provide an evocative interpretation in which, sinners strived to see once receiving forgiveness for…

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  • Compare And Contrast Gothic And Romanesque

    Romanesque and Gothic are two styles of architecture that were flourished during the Medieval Period, between the tenth to fifteenth centuries. First, the Romanesque style began and was later spread throughout Western Europe in a short period of time, which later on gave way to the Gothic style of architecture. Although Gothic style was followed by the Romanesque, they have had many similarities but also many differences as well. Romanesque style of architecture was generally considered as…

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  • Byzantine Art Analysis

    1000 to the rise in Gothic art during the 12th century, the Romanesque art was created. Originally developed in France, the style had spread to regions such as Spain, Flanders, Italy, Germany and England. Some regions it was even seen as the beginning of the Medieval art style (Dodwell 1993). There was a large increase in the construction of churches and the size in which cathedrals were built when this style arose. The Romanesque style of architecture is created with very thick walls, roofs…

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  • Romanesque And Gothic Structural Analysis

    This second paper made me think outside of the box of all the buildings I pass on way to and from class. After looking at the Medieval Paradigm, the Romanesque and Gothic structure best represent the Baker University Center. In my opinion the Baker University Center applies both to the Romanesque and Gothic structure. I know, that is uncommon and doesn’t really work that way, but when you compare the list of structures each group has, there are some that don’t apply and some that do in both…

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  • Summary: The Cathedral Of Santa Maria Annunziata

    The Cathedral of Santa Maria Annunziata is the most important Catholic place of worship in the city of Otranto. The cathedral, built on the ruins of a village, a Roman domus, and an Early Christian temple, was founded in 1068 by the Norman bishop William. It is a synthesis of different architectural styles including Byzantine, Christian, and Romanesque. It was consecrated on 1 August 1088 during the reign of Pope Urban II from the papal legate Roffredo, archbishop of Benevento. In August 1480,…

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  • Similarities Between The Middle And Early Middle Ages

    used in the world. For example, Hinduism and Buddhism thought this was the way to go and you should not live any other way. There were three vows that individuals had to make, and they were poverty, chastity and obedience. Those who chose to live the monastic life had to live in poverty and had to only concentrate on sprit. Almost every monastery followed St. Benedict’s rules very faithfully. Some rules were that they could only eat bread and vegetables, they could not drink wine that was later…

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  • Northern Renaissance Art Analysis

    This painting is composed of three panels picturing different scenes of the New Testament: The Annunciation, The Adoration of Shepherds and the Flight into Egypt. The left and central panels depict the subjects in what seems to be a Gothic Temple. This is not a surprising characteristic due to the tradition in Northern Renaissance paintings illustrate characters from the Bible in a contemporary earthly environment that is known by the artist. This can be perceived in the scenery he set the…

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  • Glass Windows In Gothic Cathedrals

    Have you ever seen something so beautiful that gives you chills all over your body? Or feeling safe when little bit of sun can protect us from the evil darkness that lies around us? For example stepping into a church with such great lighting coming through the inside, while the sun hits the windows from the outside. During Gothic period and the Renaissance the stained glass windows was one of the best technique in Gothic Cathedrals. It has the most beautiful and inspiring stained glass windows…

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