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  • North Richmond Street: A Short Story

    North Richmond Street was not a noisy neighborhood which the siblings and friends enjoy playing around old houses and one of the boys had a desire for love of the neighbor. North Richmond Street was a quiet dead end street until the kids were release from the Christian Brothers’ school. Also on that street, there was an abandoned two alarm house that was far away and lonely from the neighbor’s houses. The rest of the house on that street were aware of the ok living within each other, they looked at each other with brown calm faces. When the family moved into one of the house from North Richmond Street, they were told a priest lived in that house and died in one of the rooms in house. When they moved in the house, the air circulating around…

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  • Emmet Gowin Research Paper

    Emmet Gowin was born in Danville, Virginia in 1941 and currently resides in Newtown, PA. While growing up in rural Virginia, he showed interest in art, which later led him to photography. In 1965, he received a BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) in Graphic Design from Richmond Professional Institute, which is now known as Virginia Commonwealth University today. Shortly after receiving his BFA, he went to Rhode Island School of Design to receive a MFA (Masters of Fine Arts) in Photography in…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Early Education In Virginia

    For at-risk children in the commonwealth of Virginia, early education interventions could result in positive short and long-term outcomes. According to Barnett (2008), “well-designed preschool education programs produce long-term improvements in school success, including higher achievement test scores, lower rates of grade repetition and special education, and higher educational attainment; some preschool programs are also associated with reduced delinquency and crime in childhood and adulthood”…

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  • The Role Of Chief Powhatan's Contribution To The Death Of James Smith

    Fifteen days after he was taken hostage, the Powhatan’s released him. Chief Powhatan wanted to make a statement: he could have killed Smith, but refrained because he has the power to do so. Jamestown immediately tried Smith for the death of his fellow colonists. However, he was never sentenced to death and his popularity rate shifted rapidly. By September 10, 1608, Smith assumed position of President in the Local Virginia Council King James I created the Royal Charter. Smith’s leadership…

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  • Virginia Budgeting

    Planning and Budgeting for the State of Virginia The planning and budget in the Virginia Commonwealth is an important factor in our daily lives. The Virginia Planning and Budget tells how the Commonwealth is spending or allocating monies to different state agencies. An important factor to me is how this affects many households within the Virginia. The employees of the state of Virginia feels the effects of the planning and budget because the state agencies by not getting annually raises and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Mother At Fowler Park

    However, I resisted these urges to receive a faster trip to the hospital, and waited for Mr. Bascom to deliver me Northside Hospital as my mother had instructed. The mothers of Cumming Georgia showed me on that unfortunate day that ignoring a person who is in desperation was a rare case rather than the opposite of helping an individual who is in a dire situation be a rare case. However, the hospital provided a better care then what the mothers at Fowler Park could provide. In August 2013, my…

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  • Violence In The Richmond Basketball Team

    Cruz finds himself blood splattered at Coach Carter’s house, pleading for a spot of the Richmond basketball team. This is because through the basketball team, Carter had created a safe haven, shielding the members from the horror of their violet urban community. For Cruz, the being a member of the team was for more than playing the game, it was being accepted into a safe family. Now accepted, polarizing where Cruz was at the beginning of the movie, he is now a condition to Carter’s movement.…

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  • Why Jefferson Davis Fought In Richmond

    Jefferson Davis flees Richmond? Davis leaves his office as word reached him that Robert E Lee retreated in Richmond after Union Generals Ulysses S. Grant and William Sherman tore and set fire to Richmond as they tore up the land. Davis knowing Richmond had no chance, he fled the city. On April 3rd, 1865, war erupted in Richmond. The Union, led by Ulysses Grant and his troops, later joined by Sherman,stomped through the city. They tore apart farms and plantations,they viciously forced citizens…

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  • The Influence Of Kate Webster: The Richmond Murder

    One of the most notorious and brutal crimes of nineteenth century England was the murder of Julia Martha Thomas by her maid, Kate Webster. Julia Martha Thomas was a widow in her fifties who lived in Richmond of southwest London. While searching for a maid to employ, Mrs. Thomas made a mistake that would cost her her life. She hired Kate Webster without first looking into her background and was completely unaware of her criminal history (Strange). When Kate began working, she and Mrs. Thomas…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Road To Richmond

    Road to Richmond As I reflect back on the past three years of my high school career, a flood of emotions circles around in my mind. I think of the friends I’ve made, the teachers I’ve had, and the time I dedicated to my school. While I have a multitude of fond memories to look back on, I will profoundly cherish the years spent as a two-time state basketball champion. My freshman year was when it all began. The 2013 volleyball season had just come to a close, and there were two words I was…

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