How Did The Roman Influence Greek Architecture

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Ancient Rome is often praised for their innovations in politics, literature, and theater. Unfortunately, many people forget that the ancient Romans also accomplished great feats in architecture. Wither it was the useful aqueducts or the substantial Circus Maximus many of the ancient Romans Architectural accomplishments are often forgotten. Although the roman influence can still be seen in our day to day lives, they are preserved in the Romanesque style of architecture. The end of the Roman Empire had a huge influence on the architecture throughout the middle ages, this influence can be seen thought the development of religious architecture. I Believe that Romanesque architecture style drew their largest influences from the Roman Empire, this can be seen in the key architectural aspects of the Romanesque style.
The term “Romanesque” means “like Roman”, it is used to refer to the architecture of the 11th and 12th centuries created in medieval Europe. The Romanesque Style
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This is very much in line with Romanesque style, where geometric shapes are commonly used along with squares, lozenges, chevrons, and plain circles. In Figure 2 you can see the distinct chevron pattern on the innermost tear of the lower arch. The chevron pattern can also be seen in the Listello separation the upper and lower arches. The influences of Roman architecture can be clearly seen in the Romanesque style, through the prominent use of roman developments like columns and rounded arches. These roman developments allowed the Romanesque style to learn and create developments in architecture like barrel vaults, piers supporting vaults, and groin vaults. Because of these architectural achievements Romanesque architecture is considered the first major architectural style developed after the collapse of the Roman

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