Gothic Cathedrals Essay

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Gothic cathedrals are often seen as the microcosm of the universe according to many intelligent sources, however gothic cathedrals are actually a result of the fusion between logic, beauty, and faith. The fusion between material and spiritual things began to rise in popularity during the high Middle Ages because during this time, due to trade, the people of the middle ages began to gain wealth and a love for materialistic things. The community of the middle ages valued both their material things, logic, and their spirituality, so they used their love for materialistic things and research and their love for logic to create something to embody the glory of God. Cathedrals are often thought to be the microcosm of the universe, but in reality they …show more content…
Compared to Romanesque cathedrals, which were built out of very thick stone and were usually dark and cold, the Gothic cathedrals were some of the most exquisite things to have been created. Romanesque architecture was used to be functional as a church and a place to worship, the people of the high middle ages created a place where it could both be functional and beautiful, which is where Gothic architecture was born. They sculpted statues into the sides of the buildings and sculpted ornate details into the walls. The use of marvelous marble became popularized during this time and was used to sculpt these ornate statues and create interesting detailing throughout the cathedral. Stained glass windows were also one of the many new alluring artistic features of the gothic churches. They were often beautifully colored or displayed images of people from the Bible. “Also, the windows themselves became works of art”. (ABC-Clio) The nation of the middle ages had a love for gorgeous things. During this time the society of the high middle ages had just gained wealth from the sprout of the trade revolution in Western Europe. So since many of the people of this time had begun to gain so much wealth and material things, their love for material things grew. They loved the beautiful ornate churches that showed off their wealth while at the same time showing their love for God. Human beings have also always sought beauty and meaning, so they put this into the building of their churches. They had many architectural advancements such as flying buttresses, pointed arches, and vaulted ceilings, which helped with the construction of these cathedrals, and they used the advancements to create something much more beautiful than the old Romanesque cathedrals. Gold and silver were often used to decorate and accentuate certain statues or carvings in the cathedrals. The people of the high Middle Ages used their

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