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  • Haitians Pros And Cons

    Wilson Laleau, the Chief of Staff of Haitian President Jovenel Moise told the Miami Herald that President Moise will appeal directly to President Trump to request that the TPS be extended as Haiti is still dealing with the consequences of the earthquake that hit Port-Au-Prince, in 2010. Putting the earthquake aside which occurred seven years ago, there were ample opportunities in the ensuing years for the Haitian government to turn things around. In the last ten years, both the Preval administration (God Bless his soul- Rene Preval died a few months ago) and the Martelly administration were more interested in lining their pockets then helping fellow Haitians. It is rather ironic that Wilson Laleau the ring-leader of the Petrocaribe conspiracy is now telling American media about his government outreach to help Haitian immigrants. It is sad that the same people who created the situation that makes it hard for Haitians to return home are the exact same people who claim to represent their interests. The level of hypocrisy is…

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  • Priscilla Hayner's Unspeakable Truths

    There have been roughly forty truth commissions created throughout the world, and according to Priscilla Hayner, author of Unspeakable Truths, these truth commissions have largely been ineffective and unsuccessful (2010). The reasons behind their unsuccessfulness differ widely. Many of the “strongest truth commissions have met with frustration from victims and activists, who have sometimes pushed for more robust inquiries” (Hayner, 2010). These robust inquiries, many of which are often…

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  • Edwidge Danticat Brother I M Dying Analysis

    There is more going on within Haiti than what meets the eye. Edwidge Danticat has exposed the real deal and the destruction that is going on inside the Republic of Haiti. In this essay, a deep analysis of Edwidge Danticat’s “Brother, I’m Dying” and the present negative effects on the country that the U.S. and Haiti’s political situation has influenced. The country was negatively affected by brutal violence, poverty, and the lack of freedom. The Haitian people have very restricted freedoms. Most…

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  • The Third Meditation By Rene Descartes Summary

    Rene Descartes (1596-1650) published a series of thought experiments in 1641 called Meditations on First Philosophy. At the beginning of the Third Meditation, Descartes outlines the Problem of the External World. Predictably, without reading the First and Second Meditations, the problem is difficult to grasp. Therefore, I will provide a summary of what took place before I continue. In the First Meditation, Descartes, contemplates the great number of falsehoods he has come to believe over the…

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  • Reflection On The Idols Of The Cave By Francis Bacon

    Francis Bacon is a world-renowned English philosopher from the early years of 1561-1626. Bacon is famous for many of his philosophical works, including the Novum Organum. Published in 1620 the Novum Organum suggests an entirely new system of logic, which is based on induction rather than on the syllogism. Bacon recognized that the human mind is filled with incorrect and irrational ideas that are preventing them from interpreting nature accurately. These incorrect notions are described by Bacon…

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  • Newtonian Medicine

    So far, I have explained the development of a Newtonian approach to medicine as the result of the combination of a mechanical approach and a strict mathematical treatment of physiology, which ended in Cheyne’s iatromathematics. As Guerrini suggests, this combination is framed in the use of forces between particles as causes for several physiological phenomena and, particularly, those of the secretions. By emphasizing the mathematical elements of the demonstration, the Newtonian physicians…

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  • Stranger Than Fiction

    techniques that are listed above, change in the songs happen in accordance to the plot and message of the film. The last technique that was used to reinforce mood is the camera shots. Early shots had a large background that was very similar, then became more focused on the characters. This both reinforced how change in Harold's life changed how he looked at life, but also showed how the way he saw the world changed. The change from huge backgrounds to focused close shots was similar to how he…

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  • Copernicus And Galileo Analysis

    Danielle Amar History 3005 Prof. Tunney October 24th Copernicus and Galileo Analysis Analyzing the Primary Sources Context of the Sources The chosen sources are considerably based on Copernicus and Galileo which further reflects the comparison and contrast between both the well-known personalities. However, the first selected source is "Integrated results from the COPERNICUS and GALILEO studies”, analyzed and constructed by Pielen, et al (2017). Whereas, the second source is a book Defending…

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  • Descartes Vs Hume

    Rene Descartes, a 16th-century French rationalist, and Hume, an 18th-century Scottish empiricist, were two of the greatest early modern philosophers. Descartes used in his reason and method of doubt to most notably come to conclusions about the nature of the self, mind, and body in his Meditations on First Philosophy. Hume using his senses and experiences to come to views of these things in his work the, Treatise of Human Nature, Book 1. These two philosophy giants came to totally bipolar…

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  • Descartes First Meditation Summary

    Descartes states he is constantly being deceived and it is the result of all the falsehoods he blindly accepted in his childhood. He believes the falsehoods of his life leads him to contemplate the foundation of his knowledge. One falsehood Descartes claims is his senses. He learned most of his knowledge from seeing and his perception deceives him because he can not conclude that he is even awake. He stated he was certain that he was sitting by the fire in a rob with a paper in his hand,…

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