Remember the Titans

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  • Remember The Titans Reflection Essay

    Looking at the past and all of the events that took place in my life, I can definitely recall a multitude of occasions where non-Whites were viewed as inferior. I grew up in an urban environment where I was exposed to a high volume of kids from various races. I never looked at any of the kids as “Different” or “Inferior”. Playing games and sports with kids who had common interest is something that attracted me to certain groups of people, not skin color. Having a Father who witnessed a Black man…

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  • Remember The Titans Foil Character

    Despite the differences that the football team faces they are brought together. The author, Gregory Allen Howard develops contrasting characters in “Remember the Titans." The importance of contrast is an immense concept. The contrasts are explored through several characters such as Nicky Boone vs. Sheryl Yoast, Gerry Bertier vs. Julius Campbell, and Gerry Bertier vs. his white teammates and friends. Having the feminist movement in the 1970s influences this male-dominated film when the…

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  • Remember The Titans Character Analysis

    The influence of others has the ability to change and shape people. Based in the 1980s, Remember the Titans is a true story following the football team of a newly integrated school. Gerry, one of the main characters, is the captain of the football team. The rest of the team looks up to him. When the school integrate, he was dead set against having them. With the help of the new Coach, who was also black, Gerry learned to accept his teammates and become a better football team because of it. By…

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  • Racial Redemption In Remember The Titans

    The film Remember the Titans gives an unrealistic impression of two different race groups bonding over football. In the film two schools, an all Caucasian and African American, have to come together with a merging football team and put their differences aside and see eye to eye for the love of football. Racial tensions rise high when the all white football team gets an African American coach, along with African American teammates. Throughout the movie these two groups being to form a bond…

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  • Remembe Remember The Titans: Leadership Analysis

    either successful or unsuccessful handling of situations from the perspective of leadership theories that fundamentally will outline what could have been done to obtain more positive or overall effective results. Leadership Qualities in Remember the Titans…

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  • Remember The Titans Film Analysis

    For example, Remember the Titans. This movie is based on a true story about a racially-diverse football team, their new African-American coach, and different traditions each player comes to learn throughout the movie. The Titans players did not like Coach Yost being replaced by Herman Boone, a black man. Coach Boone did not let these ill feelings thwart him, but instead…

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  • Theme Of Cultural Differences In Remember The Titans

    Cultural Differences in Remember the Titans Michelle Senese Georgian Court University Remember the Titans is a film based on a true story about the integration of an all Black school into an all White school in the 1970’s in Alexandria, Virginia. When the school board decides to make an African American man head coach of the football team, tensions rise between the White students and the Black students, as well as the members of the community. There are many examples of cultural differences…

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  • Remember The Titans Stand Up To Racism

    Final Racism has been around for a long time. People judge others on the colour of their skin. This has affected a lot of people over the years. These three texts convey the theme of racism very strongly. The first text we studied was called remember the titans this is a story about a football team in an integrated school. The next text was called Changes, in this rap Tupac conveys his point that nothing is changing and how racism is affecting him. The final text is 12 Years A Slave. This is a…

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  • Remember The Titans By O. Scott: Film Analysis

    journalist for The New York Times, wrote a film review of the movie, “Remember the Titans”. His article, “How the Goal Line Came to Replace the Color Line,” presents a short but detailed analysis of the sport centered movie. “How the Goal Line Came to Replace the Color Line” is an article that is meant for everyone, regardless of race. In fact, Scott implores that viewers of all races will be infused with pride after viewing “Remember the Titans” because it makes viewers reminiscent of great…

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  • The Blind Side, Remember The Titans, And Friday Night Lights

    Sports is a big aspect of high school life, especially the sport of football. The films The Blind Side, Remember the Titans, and Friday Night Lights, all revolve around the sport of football and how it manages to change the lives of the athletes. Among these films, the main themes I will focus on will be on the impact of being in a team and the influence an authority figure has on the athletes’ lives. I will begin with examining the theme of being a part of a sports team and how much growth it…

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