Remember the Titans

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  • Remember The Titans Character Analysis

    Remember the Titans is the story about a football team coach who tries to unite a racially divided team. The movie focuses on how a black head coach leads the newly formed black and white members of the team to achieve its goal despite the group members differences in their behavior and color. The highlight point of the movie was the challenges that the leader and the members had to face by coming together as a multi-racial team and working for the success. This movie is the perfect example for…

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  • Remember The Titans Sociological Theory

    theory and the cultivation theory in class, the opportunity was presented to choose a film that represented either the portrayal of social groups or violence in the media. For this assignment, I will be disucussing one of my all time favorites, Remember the Titans, and the repesentation of social groups in this film. The film takes place during the era of segregation and racial discrimination in our country. The men and women at TC Williams High School are segregated in every way, and…

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  • Remember The Titans Film Techniques

    My favorite film is Remember the Titans. The film is about a football team and their struggles with integrating an African American high school and a Caucasian high school. Taking place in Virginia in 1971, the film shows the racial tension of the community using techniques to make it cinematic. One of the ways that allows the viewer to understand the tension in the movie is with camera angles. The director, Boaz Yakin, uses multiple camera angles to show both segregation and also unity of the…

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  • Analysis Of Remember The Titans: Transformational Leadership

    community celebrated every game and victory as if it were a holiday. Remember the Titans is a story about the T.C. Williams High School football team after the federally mandated integration. The story is centered on Herman Boone, the African American football coach who is hired to replace the Titans Caucasian head coach Bill Yoast. Coach Yoast deliberated leaving after losing his position to Boone, however, the…

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  • Remember The Titans Film Review Essay

    Released in 2000 and produced by Walt Disney Pictures (and Jerry Bruckheimer Films), Remember the Titans is a sports film dramatization of the true story of Coach Herman Boone, who was an integral part of the 1971 integration of T.C. Williams High School (and consequently, its football program). Naturally (due both to the close proximity to the Civil Rights movement, and to the setting of Virginia), this was a highly controversial change that was met with opposition both externally from the…

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  • Theme Of Racism In Remember The Titans

    in time we still are battling the issue of racism periodically. In the movie Remember the Titans racism in the town leads to a struggle with becoming a real football team. Remember the Titans is a movie of courage and strength. The team has to overcome the challenges to becoming an interracial team, in hopes of becoming the winning team. Racism and football in a southern community is the storyline of Remember the Titans. Back in Virginia of 1971 the desegregation among schools was taken place.…

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  • Sociological Theories In Remember The Titans

    The movie Remember the Titans is an excellent example for sociological theories. Many topics can be observed within this movie, but two of the most prominent topics that we covered this semester are social structure, more specifically race and prejudices, and group processes, focusing on status construction. This movie takes place in a small town in North Carolina that has to deal with the shifting racial makeup of their football team, therefore high school, and therefore community. There is a…

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  • Social Class And Sociological Issues In Remember The Titans

    Devin Braddock Coach Carver Extra Credit 28 November 2016 “Remember the Titans” This paper will analyze the sociological issues that we have discussed in class and that are brought up in the movie Remember the Titans. Based on a true story, this movie covered many of the main issues of our society in the past and some that continue in today’s world. Although these issues supposedly have been overcome, many can still be observed today. Before looking at the issues, it is important to understand…

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  • Comparing The Running Dream 'And Remember The Titans'

    Summer Reading Analytical Essay Final Draft This summer I read The Running Dream and watched “Remember The Titans.” The protagonists in these stories both overcome huge challenges. The protagonist in ”Remember The Titans” is the football team as a whole. Their antagonist was the whites not wanting blacks and whites together. In The Running Dream the protagonist was Jessica. Her antagonist was a thing rather than a person. Her new leg and learning how to walk again was her antagonist.…

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  • Remember The Titans Film Analysis Essay

    Film Analysis: Remember the Titans Remember the Titans has the setting to be in the early 1970s, two high schools in Virginia integrate forming T.C. Williams High School. The movie is about a football team, starring Denzel Washington who took the role of Herman Boone, the head coach of the Titans. At first, Boone is brought in as an assistant coach to an all-white staffing coach but he is then appointed to be the head coach over the current one. Herman Boone was hesitating in the beginning…

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