Ola Bola Movie Analysis

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Movie that set background in 1970’s, Ola Bola celebrates the unity and courage that inspire a team of Malaysian footballers to rise through all previous situation that story from zero to hero. Inspired by real events, the film showcase, the pride, and passion of a multicultural football team and their struggles to overcome personal and collective hardships. It is at once a powerful exploration of everyday human relationships and of the indomitable spirit that preserves through tribulations. An original Malaysian story directed by Chiu Keng Guan, Ola Bola is a film for Malaysian from all walks of life and an inspiring journey into the hearts of everyone watched it.
This story started when Malaysia Football team in 1970 have
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But the most important is the have been tough about importance of help each other in one team. Besides, in the camp they live together in one dorm and learn how to move as a unit that they applied in game. Harry really helps in motivate their player to bring back their confident. As the impact after the camp, national team had face Brunei Football Team and the result they have won the match in big number of goal scored. Harry becoming a famous coach after bring the national team from zero to hero.
One by one of the pra Olympic Moscow game have been through national team player. Start from goalkeeper Muthu, “Taukeh”, Sanjeet, Razali, Ali, Eric and Abu they were very energetic every each game because they have waiting for four years to have this chance back. All the Pra Olympics game played by national team producing a good result until the last game they need to face South Korean for qualified to Olympic Moscow. The history match have been held in Stadium Merdeka. They match between national team with South Korean can be state as final battle because team that won will went to

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