Babies By Thomas Blmes Movie Analysis

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Abstract: This reaction paper will talk about four babies from different countries. The director of the film exposed the living condition of each of the babies in their designated country. It was simple to compare and contract the things that one babies had that the other one did not. The living conditions, similarities and differences will be elaborated through out the paper. Psychological theories will also be discussing in this paper because, it has effect on the babies as they transition into adolescents and even adulthood.

In the movie, “Babies” by Thomas Balmes it showed the audience four different babies from four different countries. The babies where: Ponijao who was from Namibia, Bavarjargal from Mongolia, Mari from Japan and Hattie from the United States. The author’s objective was to expose the living condition of each babies in their country. This movie shows the audience that not everybody grows up in the same life style. Some have harder obstacles to overcome then other babies. It is sad because it is not the babies fault, they are born into a live without knowing if they will struggle once they get older. Through the movies the director showed the
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Watching the movie, it was noted that each baby had their mothers in their infant stage. This was important because every baby needs their mother, they are the ones that give the baby the warmth feeling and they provide then with security. Not having their mother can cause them to develop insecurity or even metal health disorder in the long run. The mothers of each of the baby’s breast feed and attended to their kids needs. They each have their own type of fun. The good thing is that each of the baby’s parents used their resources wisely. They where so adapted to there own environment, if Hattie and her parents where placed in Namibia then they would have a hard time to survive because they are not accustomed to that type of atmosphere and

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