Summary Of The Movie How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm?

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The BABIES movie wasn’t at all what I thought I’d be. I was under the impression that there would be a narrator that would guide my train of thought and my perspective of these childrearing cultures. But, to my surprise, a word was never said throughout the whole film. I believe the director wanted the film to be translated through the thoughts of its audience to promote an individualized thought. My individualized thought as to why the director choose to focus on certain culture is because there is so much separation in our world and so many views of how parenting should be done, as if there were one single correct way to raise a human being. The director included African, Mongolian, Japanese, and American childrearing cultures to display the vast differences in parenting …show more content…
Although the African family in BABIES are from Namibia not Kenya, Hopgood’s chapter on how Kenyans live without strollers still provides an insight to how Namibian mothers carry their children. Namibian mothers carry their babies in slings on their back will they work. This idea of carrying an infant in a sling is not generally a traditional parenting practice, traditionally parents use strollers like the families in the U.S. and Japan. Another relationship in Hopgood’s book and BABIES were how some babies play without their parents. Hopgood describes how Polynesians children play without their parents because mothers figured play would occur regardless of their involvement. The Mongolian mother didn’t interact as much with her baby but the baby did have an older brother that he fought with, played with, and received stimulation from. Similarly, the African infants had a group of toddlers that would provide care for them and they had other infants to help build social

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