Bulworth Movie Analysis Sparknotes

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The film Bulworth follows the campaign of a senator that is running for elections in the State of California. As soon as the film starts we are introduced to the high level of corruption that occurs in a political campaign or as politicians refer to it as simply campaign. By the end of the movie it is clear that the film portrays current American politics. The film makes interesting references to how race, gender and class matter when it comes to our political system. However it is also very clear to see that this film is trying to portray the problems that come with the corporatization of politics. The corporatization of politics hurts all people; this system makes the government put the needs of a corporation before the needs of their citizens. This essay will show the negative effect that corporatized politics have on a society by comparing the film to current events in American Politics. One major theme thought the movie is that, the senator stating that he would vote in the way that his donors wanted him to. In fact in the beginning of the film Bulworth is speaking to a member of his staff and says something along the lines of are we working for this company or the people and his staff states that either we are …show more content…
This seems to be a common theme with all politicians from local representatives to the President of the United States. Time over time positions give their views on why they vote the way they do on certain policies. Now many of them will state god, their morality or if they are republican Ayn Rand, however if one follows their camping donations most of them vote the way their donors want them to. Even politicians like President Obama who came into office with the promise of change and fighting fore those who can’t as are really merely playing on people’s emotions to gain an extra vote. That as soon as they are elected they forget about those who elect

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