Reinforced concrete

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  • Geopolymer Concrete Lab Report

    3. MIX DESIGN 3.1 Design of Geopolymer Concrete Mixtures: In the mix design of geopolymer concrete the role and the influence of aggregates are considered to be the same as in the case of Portland cement concrete. The mass of combined aggregates may be taken to be between 75% and 80% of the mass of geopolymer concrete. Coarse and fine aggregate together were taken as 77% of entire mixture by mass. Fine aggregate was taken 30% of total aggregate. Fly ash and alkaline liquids was taken 23% of density of concrete. From past literatures, it is clear that the average density of fly ash based geopolymer concrete is similar to that of OPC concrete (2400kg/m3). Knowing the density of concrete the combined mass of alkaline liquid and fly ash can…

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  • Rebar Essay

    Design and implementation of an Electronic system for identification of rebars in reinforced concrete. Abstract- In this paper non-destructive method is implemented in which magnetic self-designed sensor is used to detect position of rebar in reinforced concrete. During the renovation of old buildings it is necessary to locate rebar accurately to avoid damages in construction. This is achieved by Magnetic sensor which is made up of E-shaped core also primary and secondary windings. Due to…

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  • Specific Gravity Bottle Essay

    CHAPTER-1 INTRODUCTION Concrete a manmade material widely and greatly used in construction Industry. This concrete is a mixture of adequate proportion of cement, water and aggregate. Hardening (or) strength of this material is obtained by the chemical action between water and cement. As the time increases the stronger it grows (i.e strength of concrete is directly proportion to its age).The durability, strength, versatility and other characteristics of concrete depends upon the properties and…

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  • 1. What Is A Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)?

    1.1 What is a composite material? Composite materials are materials in which a homogenous matrix is reinforced by a stronger and stiffer constituent that is usually fibrous but may have a particulate or other shape ( They are produced when two or more materials or phases are used together to give a combination of properties that cannot be attained otherwise. For example steel reinforced concrete, plywood and fibre glass. 1.2 What is a Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC)? CMCs are a…

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  • Analysis Of Lap Splice Reinforce

    Bond Strength and Stress slip of Lap splice reinforcement with Fiber Reinforced Polymer wrapped and unwrapped concrete beams with the confinement properties. Abstract: This paper describes the experimental results of different researchers to examine the properties and behavior of lap splice reinforcement in a concrete beam. Beam specimens were constructed and tested in the lab. The beam specimen was tested with monotonic (cyclic) and fatigue loading. The beam was divided into three groups:…

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  • Granite-Reasonable Dimensional Stability, Better Internal Damping

    Granite- Reasonable dimensional stability, Good wear resistance, Better internal damping. Difficult to be machined, scarce, high price, low conductivity, absorbs coolant. Granite has some major flaws, like the ones which are listed below. • It is difficult to machine this material into required size andshape • Its scarcity and price • Low thermal conductivity leading it to heat concentration andeventual cracking, Ceramics- Stiffness, strength, corrosion resistance, dimensional stability, good…

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  • V-Funnel Test Essay

    geopolymer concrete should possess following properties: 1. Flow ability: It is the property of fresh concrete mix to flow and fully fill complex formwork under an action of its self weight. Slump flow test is performed to check flow ability of concrete. 2. Viscosity: It is the property of concrete to resist flow at a glance when it started. Low viscosity concrete will flow quickly but for a short duration while high viscosity concrete will flow slowly but for longer duration. V-Funnel test is…

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  • Magnesium Research Paper

    \par Magnesium: As aluminum has been established as a leading role in automotive industry, the use of magnesium in automobile applications is yet limited. Magnesium exhibits a poor formability whereas aluminum has superior formability at room temperature. The main features of ductile magnesium alloys are that they have homogeneous microstructure which is free of brittle inter-metallic particles and having uniform plastic deformation promoted by its grain size as well as its crystallographic…

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  • The Monotonic And Axial Stress-Strain Responses Of Fists

    response known as post-peak softening behavior followed by an increase in the stress. Such behavior is directly related to the confinement effectiveness by CFRP layers and hoops reinforcement, which decreases with an increase in the geometric dimensions of concrete column. The resulted behavior is believed to be much degraded beyond the peak point due to dilation in concrete when using inadequate amount of confinement material (Harries and Kharel 2003). After the peak load was reached, the…

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  • Roof Truss Design

    The development in the construction industry has made engineers, architects and designers very creative and ambitious in building projects. The designs are becoming innovative and attractive. To achieve this, tremendous amount of weight placed was on materials leading to their inability to bear this significant weight. Consequently, to be able to achieve the structural design and strength engineers developed the truss. Trusses are web-shaped structures that are able to bear tremendous weight.…

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