Regulatory compliance

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  • Regulatory Compliance Case Study

    The first key regulatory compliance process is the process of making major purchases such as textbooks, uniforms, technology, and a variety of other major purchases. This process requires not only pre-approval by the school leadership but also a lot of leg work to find three different companies and acquire three different quotes for said items that are going to be purchased. This process helps us to stay in compliance with state regulations and allows those that are seeking purchases to find local businesses, better prices, and possibly better quality. It also helps us stay in compliance with auditors. When our school is being audited which occurs at least once a year the auditors are looking to see how the budgets are being spent and if the money is coming out of the right accounts for the right reasons. For example, if text books are ordered for science the money has to come out of the science budget not the math budget. I won’t lie this process is a pain in the neck especially when you need the equipment or textbook now. After acquiring…

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  • 3.2 Regulatory Compliance

    3.2 Regulatory compliance 3. 2 (1) Joint Commission This is the guideline on patient safety, such as Hospital National Patient Safety Goals-2016. It aims at the development of the patients’ safety. The goal of the commission is to simulate problems with health care safety and resolve them. 3.2 (2) The Centers for Disease Control This provides the information related to medication Safety Basics in the CDC and various guidelines, as well as information related to adverse drug events (ADEs) which…

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  • Process And Product Innovation: The Enabling Process Of Managing Regulatory Compliance

    “By optimizing supply chains, implementing strategies to reduce inventory and streamlining transportation and deliveries, 3PLs alleviate the pain that comes with supply chain transformation and help relieve some of their customers’ financial pressures” (Buxbaum, 1). This is in full efforts to fulfill or ease any of the regulatory concerns including making flexible storage and fulfillment arrangements, which connects directly to the Enabling Process of Managing Regulatory Compliance (sE8).…

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  • Business Ethics Case Study

    Part C. Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting Excellent management requires an organization to recognize that their ethics and compliance guidelines affect every decision and activities of the company. Therefore, it will guide the train of thought and action that will help develop the culture of the business in a subtle manner. An important factor for an ethics and compliance program is to include processes to measure its performance. The following will explain the processes AlphaTech will use to…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    The board derives its regulatory authority from the provisions of the Alabama Sunset Law of 1981 through which it is categorized as an enumerated agency based on Section 41-20-3. Moreover, the board has established administrative rules that govern its licensure or certification activities as well as a Code of Ethics based on the requirements by the American Counseling Association. Actually, the American Counseling Association has established a Code of Ethics that is used to govern the…

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  • Example Of Persuasive Approach

    This approach focuses more on cooperation between regulators and business actors rather than confrontation. Moreover, threat of enforcement is used as a last resort when the regulated entity remains uncooperative (Lecture 11 and Gunningham 2011, 201). The compliance strategy includes of providing incentives for complying businesses, alongside with education and training to persuade business actors in discouraging harmful behaviours. An example of persuasive approach is educating businesses on…

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  • The Influence Of Economic Regulation In Spain

    In spite of the conflicts that may occur, when the role of regulation by the authority is included in the consideration of enhancing living standards and promoting social agreement, it plays a vital role in the growth of a nation. By virtue of this, benefiting from the appropriate timing, geographical convenience, and favourable human relations, economic prosperity and religious harmony in Islamic Spain transpired not by coincidence, but remained convincingly the consequences of the Muslim reign…

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  • Yucca Mountain Research Paper

    uncertain. The push to reform this proposition regarding nuclear waste is essential to the wellbeing of Nevadans. All of the concerns facing the repository site are very valid and should be addressed extensively before any plans of construction are even purposed. Luckily for Nevadans, many decisions up to date have been in favor of halting the Yucca Mountain Project until further evidence proves otherwise. In recent news, more progress has been made towards creating stricter regulations for…

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  • What Are EEO Compliance Requirements That Impact A Federal Subcontractor?

    Affirmative Actions are a multitude of efforts to defeat or at least minimize discriminative employment within a workforce. Affirmative Action’s help create a diversified workforce which could help an organization. I will discuss EEO compliance requirements that impact a federal subcontractor such as, Executive Order 11246, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and the Vietnam Era Veterans’ Readjustment Assistance Act. Further, I will explain some of the components of an Affirmative Action plan and…

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  • Pathos In Patrick Henry's Speech

    On March 23, 1775 Patrick Henry delivered his speech to the Virginia Burgesses about fighting for independence against the British Empire. Patrick Henry used three rhetoric facets to try and persuade the Virginia Burgesses. These three facets are called Ethos,Logos, and Pathos. Ethos means that there is credibility. Patrick Henry had to be credible and fair to his audience. He had to prove to his audience that he could be trusted. Logos shows reasonable time and thought was put in. Patrick Henry…

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