Guidelines On Patient Safety: The Guideline On Patient Safety

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3.2 Regulatory compliance
3. 2 (1) Joint Commission
This is the guideline on patient safety, such as Hospital National Patient Safety Goals-2016. It aims at the development of the patients’ safety. The goal of the commission is to simulate problems with health care safety and resolve them.
3.2 (2) The Centers for Disease Control
This provides the information related to medication Safety Basics in the CDC and various guidelines, as well as information related to adverse drug events (ADEs) which guide the CDC’s national adverse drug events (ADEs) surveillance activities.
4. Nursing competencies and responsibilities
4.1 Background related to medication administration error to nursing competencies
The prevention of the medication administration
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The error refers to the use of wrong medicines and includes the preparation of an incorrect formula by the nurse. The most common error includes missing a drug or drugs administered early or late. The main reason for missing or late administration of drugs is the extra time required for the serious patients. These errors were a problem with some patients - people with Parkinson 's disease. Another factor was a habit of the nurse to leave the drug on the bedside table, which could be easily managed after the failure frequently, occurred (Ofosu, 2015).
5. Nursing Technology related to preventing medication administration error to nursing theory
Improvement of innovation and computer-assisted devices can be a critical challenge to nurses from multiple points of view, particularly in view of the present element of the healthcare services environment.There is a confrontation to change, enhance actualized in nursing care. Medication mistakes prompt deadly outcomes of both nurses and patients in the
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To start with, is the Unfreezing stage, then moving state, and the last one is Refreezing stage. A comprehension of the difficulties connected with perceiving an issue is plotted in the unfreezing stage.The initial step of the examination of the Lewin incorporates recognizing a focus change; the principal parts of this progression are to communicate with all stakeholders. This incorporates nurses, directors, and administrative. Moreover, recognizing the obstructions that should be overcome. The moving state is represented by the arranging and usage of the venture and the period, of real alteration. It is additionally vital for supervising and monitoring the project. The assignment in this step may incorporate the disclosure of the planning that can be comprehended through added preparing. Refreezing stage is the last phase of Lewin 's theory. The way toward solidifying or refreezing emerges and prompts a period of steadiness and assessment. Once finished and completely operational, an assessment and synopsis of

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