Business Ethics Case Study

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Part C. Monitoring, Auditing, Reporting
Excellent management requires an organization to recognize that their ethics and compliance guidelines affect every decision and activities of the company. Therefore, it will guide the train of thought and action that will help develop the culture of the business in a subtle manner. An important factor for an ethics and compliance program is to include processes to measure its performance. The following will explain the processes AlphaTech will use to monitor, audit, and report employee misconduct.
Measure and procedures to be used to monitor employee misconduct
Surveys will be used to understand the general awareness of the employees of AlphaTech ethics and compliance program.
The amount
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Monitoring Internet Activity
Internet activity using AlphaTech Networks will be routinely monitored by our Security Department.
Bad websites automatically reported and reviewed, and appropriate action will be taken in that regard.
Measure and procedures to be used to audit employee misconduct
Improving policies of governance is critical for any organization, and auditing it’s compliance and ethics program is crucial for good governance. This section is intended to inform the reader of the practice and guidances AlphaTech will follow to complete an audit of our Ethics and Compliance program.

Frequency of audits
The audit will be taking place twice a year.

Who will conduct audits
A third party company respected in the industry will be assigned to conduct the auditing. They will be drafting a report with corrective analysis and will report to top management for any discipline after an internal investigation has been conducted. Corrective measures will be promptly taken and carried out if the report proves to be at the benefits of
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The tools that will be used to measure its effectiveness includes surveys to the employees and comparing to industry standards. The review will be done once a year, at the end of Q3. Once everyone have submitted their opinions and feedback, it will be reviewed by our Legal Department in collaboration of the third party company at the time. If there are any changes to be made, it will be brought to senior management and if approved, will be implemented by the next quarter. An update will be sent to everyone in the company by email with the changes made. If the principle stays the same and only the languages is modified, no notifications will be

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