Ethical Behavior: Tyco

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A. I took the mechanisms from the article and applied the behaviors from the book to show how they would be 100% sufficient to overcome unethical behavior. Using denial of responsibility and the behavior of taking responsibility if someone is responsible then he or she will know that there is a choice on whether to participate in corrupt activities. The responsible thing would be to not participate in unethical behavior. He or she will not believe that they had no choice in the matter. With denial of injury and reproaching of unjust acts the employees will not try to convince themselves that no one was harmed by his or her actions. This meaning that the employee will not engage in corrupt behavior because they do not participate in unjust acts. …show more content…
Hiring an outside auditor to take a look at the financial statements by doing so it would expose all the illegal accounting activities Tyco was involved in. Implementing an ethics-training program to enforce a stronger ethical climate. This would fix the corporate culture that encourages managers to bypass accounting rules to inflate results in the managers departments (Stanwick & Stanwick, 2014, p. 407). There was obvious unethical behavior happening at Tyco. The judge should implement a hotline where employees can voice their unethical concerns. This will help the employees remain anonymous and still help the judge resolve the different unethical issues with Tyco. Employees in different departments have a better understanding of what is going on then the judge would. Hiring a corporate ethics officer to take action against the unethical actions Kozlowski and Swartz were committing. They were falsifying business documents that were hurting the security of the company. The officer would improve the ethical culture of

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