Rehabilitation counseling

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  • Strengths And Weaknesses Of Rehabilitation Counseling

    Introduction If you were to tell a person that you are currently in master’s program for rehabilitation counseling, the main response that you would get is the following statement, “Oh that’s nice, what is that?” Compared to other professions rehabilitation counseling is not as well know, even to the undergraduate student in the college that offers the program. It is surprising to come to this realization considering that rehabilitation counselors offer many services and the profession itself has numerous job opportunities. Just as there are strengths and opportunities, there are also weaknesses and threats in the profession. By looking at both the positive and negative it is possible to strategize and propose recommendations that will help…

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  • Occupational Injury Case Study

    Helping consumers plan for retirement Implications for Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors Prior to 1973, adults over 65 were excluded from participation in state/federal vocational rehabilitation services (Wadsworth, 2004) so the issues of rehabilitating older workers are still being identified. Vocational Rehabilitation counselors will likely continue to see applicant age increase in the future. Some of the potential practice changes vocational rehabilitation counselors are likely to see…

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  • Rehabilitation Counselling

    Professional identity underlies many occupational considerations in rehabilitation counselling including standards for practice and conceptualisation of self in current or anticipated professional life. Rehabilitation counselling is an allied health specialist profession that operates within a vocational rehabilitation framework to assist people with disability and injury to maximise independence and inclusion in the community (Australian Society of Rehabilitation Counsellors (ASORC), 2017).…

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  • Rehabilitation Counseling: A Case Study

    The profession of rehabilitation counseling seeks to provide assistance to individuals who suffer from developmental, emotional, mental, and physical disabilities. These professionals give the support needed for struggling individuals to continue leading fulfilling lives, and maintaining their independence. For a rehabilitation counselor to provide their services with the highest quality, they must complete their duties, all the while pertaining to the appropriate code of ethics. The development…

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  • Substance Abuse Rehabilitation And Counseling For Re-Offenders

    Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center- 62 Hanson Place, Brooklyn, NY 11217 / Phone: 718.622.7166. Substance abuse rehabilitation and counseling for re-offenders and others. Palladia Parole Transition Program (PTP) - 1806-1808 Third Avenue, New York, NY 10029 / Phone: 212-348-7548 A 90 to 120-day residential treatment program for men with drug-related felony convictions. Provides substance abuse and counseling services, plus assistance in finding permanent housing. Admission is by referral…

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  • Adlerian Therapy: Adlerian Psychotherapy

    The intent of this essay is to present to the reader, my chosen theory, the reasons I am inspired to practice Adlerian therapy, influences in my life that have led me to the counseling field, techniques I will employ, the population I wish to serve, the type of venue I would like to see myself employed, and lastly, where I see myself in ten years. A counselor’s vision, passion to serve, experiences and training are all factors that impact their effectiveness. My Chosen Theory I chose Adlerian…

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  • Counseling Career Choices: Career Analysis

    Work Settings One of the counseling career choices that have really intrigued me is becoming a marriage and family counselor. This area is where I feel most drawn to and feel the most passion. I would like to become a therapist for a private practice and later on after building clientele, open my own practice. This kind of career requires an undergraduate, usually in counseling, psychology, or sociology, a Master’s degree in counseling, two years of post-graduate work that is supervised…

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  • Reflection On My Thoughts On Becoming A Mental Health Counselor

    Journal #1: My Thoughts on Becoming a Mental Health Counselor Tanya Mizell Walden University Journal #1: My Thoughts on Becoming a Mental Health Counselor With great significance, my progression through the Walden University’s mental health counseling program will indeed impact my life both personally and professionally. The impact of my studies and training will assist me in making the changes and enhancements that are necessary for me to be a proficient, commonsensical and open-minded…

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  • The Importance Of A Counselling Experience

    Testing is defined as collecting information to analyze and evaluate a client in order to identify problems, plan for treatment, and aid in diagnosing. Tests usually take the form of paper and pencil, for children observation through play. Other types of testing focus on therapy and counseling. Here the testing may focus on personality traits, levels of functioning, and diagnosing. Counselling Experience Many people will, at some point in their lives, find themselves in the role of a…

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  • State Credentialing Board

    Analysis of State Credentialing Board Professional counseling practice is a field that is governed by various regulations and credentialing standards that govern the practices of these professionals. In order to improve the effectiveness of their practice, counselors need to be aware of issues and opinions associated with the regulation of their professional practice. The process of becoming aware of opinions and issues relating to counseling practice involves seeking regulation, which…

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