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  • Reindeer Observation

    For my animal performance scene I was a reindeer. The biggest strengths that I had for my scene was my movement, portrayal of eating, and display of the prey-like nature of a reindeer. During research I learned that a reindeer walks heavily but also spry. I properly conveyed this concept in my scene by leaping from leg to leg, making sure to lead with my knees when I was in the air and to place my weight on my leading foot when I landed. Since reindeer eat grass and shrubs that is often buried under snow, I used my legs to display digging through snow similar to how a reindeer does. Lastly I displayed my reindeer as a prey by abruptly halting while I was eating to look slowly around for a predator. The first area of improvement for my scene…

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  • Shelly: A Short Story

    Shelly is probably the highest quality deer head that has ever been found in a high school industrial technology department dumpster. This summer, a head of a buck was thrown out by the board office secretaries of Buckeye High School in Medina county. When asked why they would throw out such a high-quality deer head, they responded that it creeped them out and made them uncomfortable; although, it is evident that many feel otherwise. Benjamin Lutman, Buckeye Industrial Arts teacher talks about…

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  • Geography And Geographic Analysis

    Seven point three billion people in the world suffers from chronic undernourishment in 2015 and 2016. THe world is so unequal because of geography. Geography influences the world’s inequality because latitude affects climate in geographic locations. Climate determines inequality because it it dictates what locations have resources such as the ability to farm, qualification to domesticate animals, the capability to resist disease, and the intelligence to produce steel. The geographic locations…

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  • The Woodchucks Analysis

    The two poems "Traveling through the Dark" and "The Woodchucks" both have a relation to animals, and they each had to do something to put them away for a reason. The two poems also have differences they differ by the friendliness , the way the animals were handled, and the forms of the poem. The poem "Traveling through the dark" is this friendly person who actually stops along the highway road to check on this hit deer to see if it was still alive.The speaker in this poem is caring to the…

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  • Congdi Wang's Deer In Forest Analysis

    I took another trip to Pao Hall of Visual and Performing Arts to see the Senior Exhibit. I was quite impressed by the artworks that were displayed in the Patti and Rusty Rueff Gallery. As I walked around the West Gallery, there was an artwork that I kept going back to. I reckoned it was a sign. An art student named Congdi Wang used a single instrument, a ballpoint pen specifically, to draw Deer in Forest (Figure 1). Compared to my inept and appalling ability to draw or doodle anything noteworthy…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Joy Of Hunting

    It was Sunday, October 10th and it was a beautiful afternoon to go hunting. The sun was shining and colorful leaves were falling to the ground as the trees swayed back and forth. My dad and I walked to my grandpa's hunting stand that was in the center of the hay field. We got settled in and watched for deer. The sun was starting to set when I heard leaves crunching behind us. A few minutes later some deer walked out of the woods. They moved closer to the hunting stand and started grazing on the…

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  • Analysis Of Traveling Through The Dark By William Stafford

    In the poem Traveling through the Dark by William Stafford a quick overview is that it gets into a man driving on a curvy road along a mountain side at night, then sees a dead deer on the road and gets out of his car and throws it into the river. The poem itself is exceedingly detailed and finds a way of pulling different emotions out of the reader, while also having different meanings to different people. My secondary source was by Terry Fairchild, who did an analysis on the poem traveling…

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  • An Excerpt From The Epilogue To Grandma's House

    Jake was surprised as he saw reindeer attached to a sleigh. Jake then saw the jolly, old man himself, Santa. Jake saw the reindeer trampling in the snow. “May you help me with these gifts” asked Santa. Santa Started towards Jake. Jake was a little reluctant to help the old man, but he helped anyways. Santa dropped his huge sack on Jake’s back. As Santa and Jake walked into the house, he gave a bone to Mason, and a fish to Missy. As Santa started towards Mollie Jake got a little restless waiting…

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  • Personal Narrative: Santa On His Way Home

    23th of december 2015 became 24th, santa’s old clock rang as he rose from his warm bed prepared for days of hard work. Together with his reindeers he flew around the world handing out every present in his big brown christmas sack. Eventually there was only one present left and it was addressed to the famous scientist Berry who was studying penguins on the south pole. Santa had never been that far south before but decided that it wasn't going to stop him. When he arrived the wind started blowing…

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  • Snowman Research Paper

    eat me!” Santa and his elf ran behind the Snowman yelling, “Stop! Stop!” The snowman was faster. He ran yelling, “Run, run as fast as you can. You can’t catch me I’m the Snowman.” The Snowman ran through the street and past a reindeer. The reindeer looked at the three yummy scopes of ice cream that made the Snowman and he licked his lips. “Stop!” yelled the reindeer. “I want to eat you.” The reindeer ran after the Snowman. The Snowman was faster. He ran yelling, “Run, run as fast as you…

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