Red-figure pottery

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  • Hacienda Plains Case Study

    mountains and the great sea where the sun sets”. The Totalrec coexisted with the Nanosec people and engaged in limited trade with them from roughly 960 AD to 1440 AD; items given to the Nanosec included the elaborate black ware known as Nova Embossed pottery and jaguar figurines, an animal that was a subject of Totalrec…

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  • Shang Dynasty Pottery History

    world, and in turn, it is hard to appreciate them. The one exception to this rule is pottery. Arguably one of the most telling types of artifacts, pottery for the most part, holds its same function today as it did when it was first utilized. The designs and styles have evolved, but at the end of the day, the past impressively looks…

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  • Volute Krater Made In Greece: Art Analysis

    of detail and drive the story further. The artist also uses the pointing hands of several figures to show a psychological point; Atlas on his throne and Selene driving her chariot. Another element the artist used was the use of red, black, and orange (by mixing red and yellow) colors. The black creates a contrast to the orange and reveals the importance of the figures in orange. The basic hue of the vase is red and…

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  • Vyse Autumn Leaves Analysis

    83), was not referred to by Marsh in his Walker’s Monthly article, December 1928, it was however introduced that year titled, The Flower Girl. As with many of Vyse’s figures, names were often changed. The autumnal sprays in the basket, may have been the cause of the re-naming the figure Autumn Leaves. This is a quintessential Vyse figure, illustrating the reality of the social background from which the flower selling women sprang. The outdoor life in all weathers doubtlessly gave the women,…

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  • African Sculpture Analysis

    form. It is primarily fashioned from wood. The African sculpture can be described as monumental, meaning that the figure or form is not separated from the wood in which it is carved, which gives is a feel of heavy permanence. These aspects are visible in the African sculpture, Figure of Bena, Mboi, Yunger people in Nigeria 14th-16th century, Nigeria, Eastern Gongola Valley, and Figure of the Jukan people 19th-early 20th century, Nigeria, possibly Taraba River Valley, possibly Wurbon Daudu. Both…

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  • Mary Anointing Jesus Analysis

    Yet upon a second more detailed examination, traditional elements of composition began to appear. In the center of the piece, there is an identifiable pyramidal structure of the figures, with the reclining nude upon the boot at the base, the three figures, Mary, Jesus, and the contemplative apostle in the back, making up the body of the pyramid, and sun-ring at the top. Vanity and lust fall below qualities of compassion and wisdom, which ultimately is under godliness…

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  • Velázquez Painting Analysis

    the kitchen and three other figures who are situated in a room in the background. Compared to the other figures, the server is secluded and, more importantly, distant from the figure who has a faint halo above his head—the Jesus figure—and therefore seems to be the lesser in the spiritual sense. However, despite his or her seclusion and distance, Velázquez places the server figure in the center of the painting. The unusual emphasis given to the server over the Jesus figure and his companions…

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  • What Do You Do T. Mbeki Analysis

    Next to her face is a green colored fist with red triangular shapes pointing outward that demonstrate impact. The woman has tears flowing down her cheeks, which is likely in response to the punch on her face. These figures come with the caption ‘mothers abuse’ written to describe the scenario. The top center has the topic of the artwork written on it: ‘What do you do T Mbeki?’ and below…

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  • An Analysis Of Junot Diaz's Drown

    belittle him. Throwing away this book without even opening it symbolized the protagonist avoiding his battle for identity. It has been a long period of time between when the narrator first started his journey of identity, and he has still been unable to figure it out. He is stuck in a place of confusion and because it has been so long, he automatically just avoids every situation that could possibly bring the conflict back into his mind which is why he chooses to avoid Beto when he comes back…

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  • Williams-Sonoma Case Study

    ( shift was so successful it moved the use of the internet to Pottery Barn, and other retail outlets. The result was 500% increase in internet sales and a 1 billion dollar profit. They also used the web to launch PB Teen which focused on the gap in age between Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids. Each website is interactive now but PB Teen was the first with outstanding success. This appealed to dialed in kids wanting something…

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