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  • How Color Affects Psychology

    that turned sunlight into the colors that we know as “the rainbow.” Newton concluded that “white” contains all of the colors at the same time. Black, therefore, is the absence of color. Whenever Newton tested his prism, he found that red bent far less than violet (red and violet are at the top and bottom of the rainbow, so they are the farthest apart). After extensive research, a man named James Clerk Maxwell found that one specific group of electromagnetic waves was the cause of visible…

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  • Coat Of Arms Essay

    Heraldic description of the coat of arms – the coat of arms of Ústí Region is a red and blue quartered shield. The first shield displays the Czech lion. The second shield displays an embossed silver tower with the battlement and seven crenels, the broken gate and the raised golden grate. The tower looms on the blue undulating heel with three silver waved beams into a green mountain consisting of three peaks. The third field displays a silver plough on the green lawn. The fourth field displays a…

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  • Hartman Color Test Essay

    there are a range of personalities. Today, there are a lot of color tests you can take and the best test you can take is the Hartman Color Test. The test helps people understand what type of personality they are. The test will score a person either red, blue, yellow, or white. My first personality color is blue, and the secondary color type is white. I was given the personality trait of the color blue, because I always think my heart. My secondary color is the part of me that keeps to myself…

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  • The Stroop Test

    automatically decides what the word means. For example, when people see the word “RED”, they think of associations/connections to the color like a red strawberry or a rose. These connections are so strong, people do not have to stop and think about what a word means because they innately know. So, when the brain is faced with naming a word “RED” when it is blue, it has to stop itself from blurting out the color red. This theory claims that brains are very dependent and extremely great at…

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  • Gilead HIV Advertisement Analysis

    male who 's dressed in causal clothing who 's seem to be catching a bus or some kind of public transportation. It shows the background completely blurred and him the main focus of the photo. There’s writing over his torso area, the first line is in red writing in a block letter type of format, then the second line is in a regular white writing. The Third line of writng is in bold, emphasizing that TODAY is an important key term; then the last line is smaller text then the others to give you…

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  • Honey Bees Experiment

    range of color red intensity. This research is significant because it enables us to understand more about bee behavior, and, not to mention, it will aid farmers in crop production to select the most efficient pollinators for specific types of crops. E. canum plants were surveyed and later used to calculate the proportion of the color red per flowers for each plant surveyed to compare and attempt to depict a correlation between pollinator visitation frequency and intensity of the color red in E.…

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  • The Importance Of The Burch Questions

    It is hard to explain a disability that not everyone can see. Unless I’m wearing one red sock and one green sock, there’s not a lot that people can do to prepare themselves for my red-green colorblindness unless I let them know about it immediately. What’s more, even when people do know, they never seem to truly understand. The questions they ask, even, prove this to me more than anything. I always like to refer to the questions I get as the “Burch Questions” in reference to a skit done by…

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  • America The Brave Analysis

    We stand united, arms locked, indivisible by any other opposing force. We are free, and it is our right to be equal with one another. We are the sturdy thread that holds our country together. Each of us represented and accounted for under the red, white, and blue. The stars and stripes. We are America and we are proud. We are gratifying. We are inspiring. This is what the American Flag means to me. Our country was founded by our founding fathers who believed that we should not be ruled…

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  • Holi: Significance Of Colors In Indian Culture

    used? For example, a common color, red has many connotations in India. Red signifies violence and disruption, but it also symbolizes fertility, marriage, and commitment. In weddings, the bride’s choice of color for her garment is red. Typically during the end of the sermon, the groom will apply a red powdered substance, known as tilak, to the bride’s forehead; this represents commitment. Regardless, Goddess Durga, similar to the Ares in Greek mythology, has a red tongue, symbolizing violence and…

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  • Symbolism In One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest

    literature. In Kesey’s One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest there are a lot of colors. This essay could go on forever with all of them, so here are four: white, red, green, and purple. White and red represent emotions that the Combine feels towards the men on the ward, and green and purple show the men’s emotions towards the latter. Kesey uses white, red, green, and purple to symbolize the emotions of different characters throughout his novel. White is a “color without color”. Some people view at as…

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