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  • Personal Narrative: Ovarian Cancer

    After all of these tests and doctor visits, I was diagnosed with stage one ovarian cancer. A granulosa cell tumor was found on my right ovary. It was pretty rare considering less than five out of one hundred ovarian cancer patients have a tumor like that. It was astonishing that a sixteen year old, with no previous ovarian cancer occurrences in her family, was diagnosed with the cancer. The average age for an ovarian cancer occurrence is sixty three years old. My doctors concluded that the best…

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  • A Holiday Without Family

    My family always had numerous different occasions in which when we gathered together to share memories and enjoy each other’s company. A holiday without family is not nearly as special as a holiday with our families. In my opinion, spending time with the older generation is a crucial element for our generation, the lessons are endless and it gives us a chance to see life in a different perspective and respect the simple things in life. My family and I get together for any and all occasions, my…

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  • Csikszentmihaly Ideal Self Summary

    Mihaly Csikszentmihaly, professor of psychology and author, asked a simple question of “what is the self?” Csikszentmihaly breaks down what some would call “self” and in his writing he states, “The self is a reification….the self is more in the nature of a figment of the imagination, something we create to account for the multiplicity of impressions, emotions, thoughts, and feelings that the brain records in consciousness” (Csikszentmihaly.265). Reification means, “The process of regarding an…

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  • The Unforgiving Change-Personal Narrative

    for a few minutes but now realize that I was crying for a few hours. When I finally quit pressing my face into my mom's shoulder and looked up, I realized that I was not the only one still crying. All my siblings were spread out among the three recliners and two couches that were carefully placed in my aunt and uncle's spacious living room crying right along with me. I got up and went to Mallory, cuddled up in her lap in the biggest reclining chair, and we cried as we were cuddled up to each…

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  • Pecus Excavatum Case

    I was born with Pectus Excavatum, a condition where the breast bone sinks directly into the chest. This condition is three to five times more common in boys than girls. Pectus Excavatum affects approximately 1 out of 400-1000 children ("Pediatric Surgery - Pectus Excavatum," n.d.) and becomes more severe as the child matures. Surgery to correct the deformity is typically performed when the patient is still young because the chest hasn’t fully developed and the bones are more malleable compared…

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  • Surgical Nurse Observation

    planted onions, lettuce, strawberries, and tomatoes in the garden. Everything in the garden is considered edible, meaning that if a participant ate a plate or something it is not going to hurt them just may have a tummy ache. The sunroom has couches, recliners, and a table with chairs for participants can relax. The main room is where most of the participants stay throughout the day. These is an area that had tables with chairs, television, and crafts area. The participants eat lunch in this…

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  • Landing On The Moon Essay

    When Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin successfully accomplished their mission of not just landing on the moon, but actually taking a step on the lunar surface, this changed the world in ways people would have never have imagined. The historical impact of this event is incredible, but the feelings felt by individuals all across the world that day are even more incredible. However, the feelings shared by individuals across the world were not mutual. While many rejoiced in the extravagant…

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  • Informative Essay On Kitten

    kitten’s “insatiable desire to scratch”. “These seemingly-odd items do a remarkably good job at redirecting cats’ scratching activities to a more suitable object, giving your cat the joy she craves from giving her claws a workout while your favorite recliner breathes a sigh of relief,” Stringfellow wrote. “While it’s true that you’re buying what’s essentially a piece of kitty furniture that’s meant to be destroyed, you don’t want a cat scratching post that your cat can shred to oblivion in a…

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  • Ski Patrol Essay

    Ski patrols work in some of the most dangerous conditions faced by first responders. Not only do they face precarious snow conditions en route to emergencies; but they also must carry all their equipment on their backs and perform rescues in below freezing temperatures. Some patrollers are also trained to rescue individual’s off chairlifts if necessary. On top of the already difficult job of rescuing injured skiers, patrollers also monitor trail conditions, and provide skiers with opportunities…

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  • Triage Nurse: A Case Study

    As the triage nurse in the assessment and referral center (ARC), I work closely with our clinicians who perform intake assessments for individuals who are seeking assistance for mental health or substance abuse concerns. A fundamental part of my role as the triage nurse involves working closely with the clinicians to insure that individuals with medical complaints are seen promptly, patients going to the unit have their skin assessments, and that individuals with medical complaints beyond our…

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