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  • Reflective Essay On The Army

    You will also learn how the army values will shape you as a soldier. Then in the second week you will learn about loyalty and the importance of working as a unit not an individual. Week three is Duty week and it will teach you to use sheer determination to get you through the physical and mental challenges of combat scenarios. They will teach you these things by real life and also classroom scenarios. The army teaches every thing you will need to know in the classroom or a real life-training mission. Phase two is weeks four through six, week four is respect week. It will show you how to respect your fellow soldiers and your accomplishments as a team. Week five is selfless service, this week is all about giving all you got to the other soldiers that are with you right then and there and to the men that have served before you. Week nine is known to be the hardest to some people because it is the honor week. In this week you will need to rely on your fellow soldier to grow and get even stronger than you were and that you are right…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Recruit Training Command (RTC)

    July 22nd, 1999 is a day that will be embedded in my mind for as long as I live. That date is the day that changed my life and made me the person I am today. It was around 20 hundred hours when we were loaded onto a military transport bus. We arrived at the Great Lakes Naval around 21 hundred hours. Upon arrival on the base we all had a look of dread and despair not knowing what to expect. We were greeted by a large burly man, referenced as the Recruit Training Command also known as (RTC). This…

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  • Resocialization In War: Past, Present, And Future?

    provides an outlook on the process of resocialization through the experiences of military recruits via basic training. Resocialization is the course of relearning the social values and norms of a group that is different from your own. The situations in which it occurs can range from simple to complex ordeals. Dyer uses the examples of a woman training to become a nun to that…

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  • The Field Training Officer (FTO) Program Analysis

    The Field Training Officer (FTO) program was designed to advance a recruit officers knowledge and make them a better patrol officer. The definition of the FTO program is an experienced or senior member of a law enforcement organization, who is responsible for the training and evaluation of a rookie or probationary level officer. I based my FTO program around my departments program. I assisted on the development of this program so we could ensure our recruit officers were getting the best…

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  • Ladies In Lines: Documentary Analysis: Ladies In Lines

    Women are usually seen as being innocent and so at first we wouldn’t expect the women in Ladies in Lines to be able to cope with their new environment in the training centre. However, Ladies in Lines breaks down the walls of what we would see as being feminine and places the women into what would normally be classified as a “male dominated environment.” We as viewers respond to Ladies in Lines, at first, as being quite a dramatic and confronting documentary that shows the intimidating and strict…

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  • Air Force Experience Essay

    I’ve had many positive experiences in my life, but my experience joining the Air Force and completing Basic Training had the greatest impact. I did not take high school seriously, because I signed to join the Air Force in my junior year of high school. Since I knew where I was going, I did not feel the need to apply myself in all my classes. I did just enough to graduate high school. Then September came, the month I left to Basic Military Training. During this time, I was broken down from the…

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  • Personal Narrative: Jay-Chamberlain

    Before you are shipped to basic military training, you have to process through the Military Entrance Processing Station (MEPS). This is where they examine you for any health defects or abnormalities that would disqualify you from service. While waiting in line to be checked by the doctor, a guy asked, “Hey man where you from?”. I answered, “East Atlanta.”. Then there was this loud bang that sounded like someone slamming an iron pot against a car door followed by a man yelling, “Who in the fuck…

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  • Recruitment, Training, And Workplace Diversity

    choose the three concepts of recruitment, training, and workplace diversity. In addition this paper discusses the important strategies that can be implemented to make organizations successful. Group Consensus Recruitment In companies, the acquisition of human talent and human intelligence is vital to the furtherance of success in any company. Thus, recruitment should be heralded by HRM personnel. Recruitment precedes every other step in the hiring process. Satterlee (2013) points out that…

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  • Personal Learning Activity 1

    As, depending on what I am learning or the activity I am partaking in really determines the way I learn. I don?t have one set of learning styles as I have found in the past that the way I learn doesn?t necessarily work with doing the same activity. In respect, to training others it could be said that I am more of a pragmatic person. The reason being is that I like to tend to play role with ideas about which clips or activities and to get my point across to the trainee. Hence, I am an down to…

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  • Balfour Beatty Case Study

    Furthermore, Balfour Beatty also uses qualifications I found that a key strategic priority for Balfour Beatty Utility solution is to ensure the supply of skilled resource to keep up with future demand for work. There are two ways in which this is being achieved firstly by continuing to attract the best new engineering talent into the industry through apprenticeship and graduate schemes. This will help in ensuring that the company has the people with the skill and capabilities it needs. Also BB…

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