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  • Disaster Recovery Plan

    Maintaining and updating Disaster Recovery Plans (DRP), can decrease potential looses and increase business success during the recovery phase. Every year, thousands of businesses are affected during natural or men-made disasters, some of them never reopen due to the lack of resources and knowledge to sustain business operation during a disaster. Business owners have the obligation to create, implement and maintain Disaster recovery plans (DRP) in order to successfully accomplish continuity of operations and a speedy recovery, during the recovery phase. Emergency Managers can assist local business owners…

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  • Essay On Disaster Recovery Plan

    experience some sort of disaster will not recover due to the fact they have no established disaster recovery plan. So this is why its so important for business to plan and create a disaster recovery plan so they can be protected and they can ensure their survival in the event of a disaster. Steps that businesses…

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  • Business Recovery Plan

    We learned and discussed the importance of planning, plus exercising the plans. The main topic was based on developing and maintaining the Business Continuity of Operations Plan, known as the COOP. During the week we read The Ducan, et al. and Clas documents. Having read both, seem to give the class a good solid foundation for the discussion. Additionally, by having and following proven steps will assist in creating the document. The class agreed in our conversations that without well thought…

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  • Biodiversity Intactness Index Essay

    the ESA positively impacts species recovery. The longer the species were listed, the more likely they were to be improving and the less likely to be declining. 12. Did assigning ‘critical habitat’ and providing a ‘recovery plan’ for species positively impact the species? (yes or no) (Fig. 3) a. Yes. Species with critical habitat for two or more years were more than twice as likely to have an improving population trend in the late 1990s, and less than half as likely to be declining in the early…

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  • Case Study: CIO Of Super Training Corporation

    Introduction Software as a service (SaaS) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. ( In this assignment I will review the different strategic options I would use as a CIO of Super Training Corporation. In order to move the delivery educational software platform to Software as a Service model I will need to lay out a very strategic plan that’s not only time sensitive, but also feasible . Training…

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  • The Conservation Role Of Captive Propagation In Zoos

    Bruning F. Donald. “The Conservation Role of Captive Propagation in Zoos.” 10.2 (1987): 225-258. JSTOR. Web. 19 Apr. 2016. The point of this article is to explain the contrasting organizations that are involved with endangered animals, and zoos. The first part of the article is spent describing what the different organizations do to help. The second part of the article describes all of the differing endangered birds, and what zoos and people could be doing to save endangered animals. The author…

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  • Drug Addiction Recovery

    Addiction can be defined as dependency on something such as alcohol and drugs. Drugs and alcohol are harmful because they affect people’s behavior resulting in antisocial habits, lowering self- esteem and ruining one’s motivation towards achieving life goals. People suffering from alcohol and drug addiction can have an appropriate response if only they go through the diagnosis and the recovery process. However, if the person’s engagement in recovery activities is ignored, addiction will be…

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  • Difference Between Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity Planning

    Disaster recovery and business continuity planning are often used together and sometime employers think they are the same, but disaster recovery planning is different from business continuity planning. Disaster recovery deals with being consistent with pre-planning actions that will help the business be prepared after a disaster strike whether it’s natural or human- error, and business continuity deals with preventing the Disaster from happening(if it’s possible). Business continuity planning…

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  • Recovery Oriented Mental Health System

    HSCIPSR01 PSYCHOSOCIAL REHABILITATION FOUNDATIONS MODULE 03 – RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN RECOVERY AND REHABILITATION 1)Provide one example of each of four recovery values: Personhood; Person Involvement; Self-Determination/Choice; Growth Potential; at either the practice, program or system level. Personhood: can be defined as a person oriented practice where individuals seeking services are treated by the practitioner as people holding valued roles. This approach avoids the practitioner treating…

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  • Similarities Between Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

    disaster recovery plans are a critical aspect of businesses “comeback” from the disaster. Business continuity and disaster recovery plans are for companies both large and small, designed to perfectly tailor the individual business’s survival needs.…

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