Personal Narrative: Two Days Of Freedom

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Ch.1 Finally, it’s Friday. That means two days of freedom from the demons of Dieruff high school. I honestly can’t wait to get into bed which is scary because i’m always dying to get out that hell hole I call home. Normally on Friday’s nights, I could count on mom and dad being out having their precious date night, but that hasn 't happened for a couple years since we’ve moved to Asheville. Tonight the house will either be dead silent or so loud with their screaming that you’d think we were torturing souls in the dining room, but no. The only soul in everlasting perdition there is mine. The drive home is nice. Perfect actually. The leaves are wonderful colors of crimson and amber, and the air is crisp. Not so cold that your eyes water, but …show more content…
I recognize the moment instantly. I’m washing the mixing bowl as mom flips the pancakes and dad and I belt out as he strolls upstairs “SHE SAYS WE GOT TO HOLD ON TO WHAT WE GOT, IT DOESN’T MAKE A DIFFERENCE IF WE MAKE IT OR NOT” My mom laughs as she dances around me and we both make a funny face when Dad doesn’t yell out the chorus as he usually does. Instead he runs down the stairs, his face pale and his voice shaking as he sputters, “Something’s wrong”. I watch my mother and I run upstairs. Present me begins to shake and I try to hind behind Nani but she’s no where to be found. I follow the scene upstairs and watch as my dad props Nani’s body up and screams at her to wake up. Her body is limp. He lays her back down and my mother starts applying CPR but nothing is working. I turn away as my dad starts to cry out, “This can’t be happening”. I watch myself standing there, wanting to runaway, but unable to move. Frozen in place watching my life apart. My dad rushes towards me and stammers “I’m sorry” over and over again as I start to weep. “I can’t relive this again” I begged and once again Nani is standing in front of me. “This is what he dreams of every night”, she breathes. “This is all he thinks

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