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  • Personal Narrative: Transitioning With My Father

    When I had to choose between my mother and my father I chose my mother. My father wakes up at four o’clock every morning to work out at what is essentially cross fit for middle age adults. He has completed triathlons and was in an adult baseball league until he had his accident. While up to bat for his team the follow through of his swing decided that it would defy the standards of biomechanics. His Achilles tendon tore like a piece of string cheese. He works a forty-hour a week job as and electrical engineer, while also running our family’s small vending business. Transitioning from the epitome of hard work to immobilization was the hardest thing he had ever experienced. After his surgery he was only to get up from his recliner chair to use…

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  • Motorized Trauma

    Introduction Limited range of motion often incapacitates individuals from living a full life and often requires time and the resources of caretakers to pander to needs to physically handicapped patients. With the maturation of the ‘baby boomer’ generation, there is a sudden onset of the need for specialized care for the geriatrics, but without the labor force to match the demand. With the advancement of technology, new needs can be met. Standard wheelchairs are bereft of motion without…

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  • Movie Theater Research Paper

    AMC Theaters offer better seating and have more space so you can reach maximum comfort. AMC recliners have a L.E.D display so you can control the back of the chair and leg rest separately. The L.E.D display allows you to set how high you want your legs or far you want your chair to lean back. AMC also offers food, but it’s your basic run of the mill movie theater food. Also there isn’t many food choices around AMC theaters besides three restaurants that a clear across the parking that you would…

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  • What Is This Real Relax Massage Chair

    thighs and calves, allowing the user to utilize all four zones instantly or select them separately. Features • It comes with a rolled tubular steel frame to assure stability, a rotate function and adjustable recline. • Can hold up to 300 pounds. • Comes with an Ottoman(footrest). • It also provides an automatic shutoff feature with an integrated programmable timer. Pros • Soft, Sturdy and Durable • Eight vibration motors for a soothing massage. • It can be adjusted either to swivel or manual…

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  • Descriptive Essay: Old Log Cabin

    We shared many heartfelt conversations while relaxing in our cabin and I will never forget them. Sometimes I sit on the couch in silence and imagine hearing his voice again. Although he is actually gone, the cabin always makes me feel connected to him. The left part of the back wall is covered in my height measurements that he marked over the years. The wall still smells like fresh sharpie marks. Also, the right section of the back wall is home to a small, round window. The glass has a hairline…

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  • Charles Johnson: The Man Who Changed My Life

    tonight. Charles decided to make a ham and cheese sandwich. He put his sandwich on a plate with some chips, and sat down in his recliner. Charles then turned on the television, and started watching the big game. His favorite football team was playing their rival. When the game went to commercial, a certain ad stood out to him. There was a mysterious man, saying he could “change your life for the better.” Charles was interested because he wasn’t too happy with the way his life was going. He…

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  • The Effects Of Watching Television

    with an array of entertainment accessible, unlike the movie theater where it can cost $10.91 for one adult ticket for a showing of one movie. With ticket prices as high as they are and new technology making it easier to watch from the comfort of home, movie theaters will continue to diminish unless they change their vision for their business. Movie theaters establishments are trying to innovate from the old experience to new ones with more perks in order to compete with instant streaming…

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  • Happy Room Essay

    My mind is filled with many avenues and passage ways. Crevices and Rooms filled of times of my past and present. The good: open with welcoming smiles to anyone. The bad and ugly: locked but with the key still in the hole for anyone willing to enter. My mind is colorful to say the least. I can be thinking of anything at any given moment. There’s a room at the farthest point of the hallway, its door the darkest of red, the doorknob the same color. This is the room that my deepest fear stays…

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  • Nature Vs. Nurture, Retrospective Analysis

    myself, I didn 't drop out of school. I graduated from high school. When I finished school I started working at a daycare with young children. A person picks up on whatever they know whether it is good or bad. If you do not have the proper guidance throughout life you 'll never know to do better. Because my parents stayed on me as a child I did not end up like most of the people I grew up with. Looking back on how I grew up and the things that I have experienced in life I have realized…

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  • The Importance Of Sit And Be Fit

    1. Sit and be Fit. There's a program called "Sit and be Fit" for elderly people who need to exercise. It's a session of exercise that's completed entirely while sitting down. I've taken that idea and turned it into my Couch Potato Sit to be Fit. We have a pair hand weight load by our recliner, buying enough I'm watching television or the movie, I'll often grab the actual hand pounds and carry out some exercise. Once people start, you'd end up being amazed at how creative you will get in finding…

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