Descriptive Essay: Old Log Cabin

Hot, dry summer days are what I yearn for. The scorching sun busting out from behind the immense pale clouds. The rays of light pointing to the top of the lush hillside behind my house. The main top of the hillside is covered in tall oak trees that are lined with paradise green leaves. Branches stretch out like long, thin arms. In the far background, the ancient oak trees split apart and provide a small opening. The opening covered with old, dry grass is home to a small log cabin. That small, old log cabin is the place I hike to every summer day. It is my safe place, my reading place, my relaxing place, and my favorite place. Dandelions are scattered in front of the cabin. As the wind blows, pieces of the dandelions float away. As I try to watch the pieces be swept away, I notice the characteristics of the outside of the small cabin. The cabin is old, but still mesmerizing. I imagine my Uncle David working from dawn until dusk. The continuous banging of his hammer and the sound of a metal saw cutting into the red cedar logs. I run my fingers over the logs and feel the rough dents that have been caused by destructive storms or raging animals. The dents give it character. As I gently walk up the wide stairs, …show more content…
We shared many heartfelt conversations while relaxing in our cabin and I will never forget them. Sometimes I sit on the couch in silence and imagine hearing his voice again. Although he is actually gone, the cabin always makes me feel connected to him. The left part of the back wall is covered in my height measurements that he marked over the years. The wall still smells like fresh sharpie marks. Also, the right section of the back wall is home to a small, round window. The glass has a hairline crack, because my Great-Grandfather elbowed it while trying to move his recliner. As I gaze out the window, I can hear people through the glass. Although I love the cabin, I sometimes need a break from the extreme silence

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