Movie Theater Research Paper

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Have you ever wanted to watch a new movie that was coming out in theaters, but couldn’t decide which movie theater to go to? Well, you’re not alone. Today, movie theaters have many amenities to choose from that can make choosing which movie theater to go to a bit difficult. Many people use going to the movies as a part of their leisure time and as a part of family outings with their spouses, children, friends, or just for some alone time. Although, watching a movie can be done at home in private or in public at a local movie theater, the way we watch movies in comfort and for leisure has changed drastically. My favorite movie theaters are Paragon Theaters in Newport News, VA and AMC Theaters in Hampton, VA. “AMC, which is the nation 's second-largest …show more content…
AMC Theaters offer better seating and have more space so you can reach maximum comfort. AMC recliners have a L.E.D display so you can control the back of the chair and leg rest separately. The L.E.D display allows you to set how high you want your legs or far you want your chair to lean back. AMC also offers food, but it’s your basic run of the mill movie theater food. Also there isn’t many food choices around AMC theaters besides three restaurants that a clear across the parking that you would have to drive too. Paragon Theaters offer basic movie theater food but they have two restaurants in the theater lobby. The food quality at Paragon Theaters is similar to 4 star restaurants and your allowed to take the food into the theater with you, so you can enjoy a good meal and watch a movie in comfort. There are also 5 restaurants and an ice cream pallor that are within a walking distance of two minutes. Also, Paragon Theaters is close to the center of City Center, so you can leave the theater and go for a walk around the pound or feed the ducks that swim there daily. Paragon Theaters seating isn’t as advanced as AMC Theaters but the seating is still comfortable. The leather recliners in Paragon Theaters are controlled by two push buttons and it only gives you minimal control of reaching a high level comfort, but the chairs are still very

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