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  • History Of Chicago Union Hospital

    schedule for the duration of my time with Masonic. My nervousness at this time has subsided since Ms. Renee was so friendly and warm. I had my departmental tour with Ms. Rahimzadeh and she introduced me to the staff that was present at the time and at the end of the tour I was taken to Document Imaging to start my day. I spent all of my first day with Maria Marin in document imaging. Her duties were to assemble the health records and scan them into the system. Once the records are scanned the…

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  • Comparing Utilitarianism And Kant's Deontological Theory

    Utilitarianism and Kant’s deontological theory are both similar and conflicting in their own ways. The two proposals hold grounds that serve as foundational moral theories. Within utilitarianism, there is a way of quantifying pleasure and pain in order to apply the GHP. This group provides qualities of pleasure such as intensity, duration, certainty, and propinquity of pleasure. These qualities translate to how hard, how long, how reasonable, and how soon. Within ethical decision making these…

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  • Kantian Ethics: Immanuel Kant

    ethics are guided from the philosophical concept that is the Categorical Imperative, a wholly binding rule of morality that is justified as an end in itself. In the spelunker case, Kant would ultimately have the choice of killing the large man to save himself and the life of others, or have all of them perish. The fact that the former is the only option which ends with life does not matter to Kant. This choice would be quite an easy decision for him to make. Kant believes murder of the innocent…

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  • Strength And Weaknesses In Football

    PE Coursework Strengths The sport I have chosen is football. One of my main strengths (components of fitness) in football is my speed. The definition of speed is the ability to move quickly across the ground or moving limbs rapidly to grab or throw. In football, you use your speed for e.g; When you’re attacking and you are dribbling past a defender, you can use bursts of speed to blow past him. This means I get closer to the goal and have a better chance of scoring for me and my team. Also,…

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  • Overlords In Arthur C. Clarke's Childshood End

    Childshood End, by Arthur C. Clarke is a story about an alien invasion on earth by the strange Overlords. Upon their arrival there were many different human reactions by the characters. In these portrayals by Arthur C. Clarke there is the reaction of defeat, skepticism, and distrust. All of which is to be expected when it is discovered that, “The human race was no longer alone.”(Clarke 5) Thought his depiction of this alien invasion is would seem as if this story was taken out of our future…

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  • Personal Narrative-Changing Experience In American Football

    It was a nice sunny afternoon. We had gotten the news that the weather wasn’t going to be good. Our bus ride was more calm than usual as I didn’t hear much talking. I guess we were a little excited we were going to play on turf. I personally didn’t really care about the turf but I was concerned, about the fact, we were going to play older players. Coach gave us a heads up to play our hardest. Only five minutes into the ride and I was getting the nerves I always got. It felt like someone was…

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  • Pathos, Ethos And Logos In The Art Of Persuasion

    are both dead. They are in the back seats with blood covered all over their faces. The driver begins screaming and yelling at her sibling but they don 't respond. She realizes they they dead due to the impact of the car crash. Then, the commercial ends with a message, “Texting and driving increases your risk of crashing by 25 percent.” The commercial as well has depressing music in the background that makes you feel very depressed. It is evident that the director of the video planned every…

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  • Drinking Age Trend

    When the first taste of adulthood reaches the lips of the newly-turned adult, he wants to experience all the new responsibilities and privileges that come with this stepping stone. In the spur of the moment, he gets a tattoo without his parent’s consent, smokes his first cigarette, and somehow manages to get his hands on a beer. Although he may not be able to legally drink, he gives little thought to the next action he takes: drinking the alcohol. Barely adults, 18-year-olds lack fully developed…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Dubai

    I have visited Dubai twice, the first time in 2013 and the second time last Christmas and although I love Dubai I am sure it is not the place for everyone (although car fanatics will fall in love with Dubai). Even though it has it ́s bad sides, Dubai will always have a place in my heart. This ridiculous city has amazing architecture and awful traffic and is truly different from anything else. In this essay I will tell about the good and the bad sides of Dubai and of it ́s tourist attractions. You…

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  • Engine Knocking Research Paper

    system, specifically worn shock absorbers, strut mounts or ball joints. In each case, vehicle control is at risk, so you will need to fix the problem at once. If you hear a popping sound while driving at low speeds and when making sharp turns, a worn rear differential may be the cause. 6. Under the Hood Hissing or…

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