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  • Analysis Of Parallelism In Auto Wreck By Karl Shapiro

    An Accident Waiting to Happen In life, an innocent bystander, parent, or friend may receive news that changes their life forever. A death of a loved one is something that can drop anyone to their knees in agony. Karl Shapiro’s “Auto Wreck” faces the hard truth that is involved in a car accident. In summary, “Auto Wreck” is a gut-wrenching retelling of a brutal mishap in which two cars collide in a fatal accident. The poem concludes on a more philosophical note explaining the certainty that is…

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  • Preventions Of Texting And Driving

    while driving has caused over million auto crashes nationwide. Most of those crashes are caused by young teens between the ages of 16 - 19. The cause of why adults and young teens getting and causing car crashes and why those distractions can injure or end someone 's life. The stactices of auto crashes in the U.S , death and injury rate of people caused by a driver that was texting while driving, and the distractions and preventions from having accident. In fact throughout the day…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Automated Cars

    how to funded police department. Other issue will be that people will still want to drive regular cars laws will need to integrate to work with automated cars on when and where people can drive their human operate vehicle. This will “fringes on both ends of the political spectrum will freak out over the nefarious things governments and corporations could do with their control of the roads and a database of citizens ' movements.” (Hars, 2016). Political debate has not even started with issue, but…

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  • Causes Of Accidents In Ga

    “A 16-year-old girl was killed during her first drive alone when she veered in front of an oncoming tractor trailer while she sent a text”(“Tragedy” 1). This was stated on the Daily Mall newspaper about a girl named Savannah Nash. Despite being sad and gruesome, accidents like this happen every day. The amount of deaths caused by car accidents in Ga for 2013 was 1,179. That three deaths a day or twenty-two a week. These statistics show that in the course of five years 5,895 people would die.…

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  • What Is Distracted Driving?

    Texting while you are driving is not something anyone should attempt to do. It will end in bad consequences. If someone is texting, their eyes are not focused on the road for at least 5 seconds, if not more. If someone is driving at 55 mph, this would equal the driving length of a football field without looking at the road. Texting…

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  • Motorcycle Racing Protective Clothing Essay

    bikes, debris kicked up from the rear wheel of leading bikes, and from running into track barriers protecting the public. This armour protects the extremities from breakage and dislocation and the back and chest from strain and broken bones. Although fairly efficient, it is of course not always completely effective. Many riders wear "roost protectors" designed specifically to protect against painful debris from other bikes, but are of no use in a fall or collision. The reduced risk of…

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  • How To Write A Distracted Driving Essay

    Car crashes resulting from distracted driving, such as texting, sending or reading emails, and downloading music are distraction related crashes are taking our nation by storm.The highest distraction rate for all drivers ages 16-20 years old is 82%.The main issue is that 10% of young adults are texting while behind the wheel and are outside of their lanes at the same time, not knowing that they are putting their lives and others in danger. Texting while driving makes you become blind for…

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  • Personal Narrative: Brandy And Me

    gravity, but we all end up mutilated. Most women know this feeling of being more and more invisible everyday. Brandy was in the hospital for months and months, and so was I, and there’s only so many hospitals where you can go for major cosmetic surgery. Jump back to the nuns. The nuns were the worst about…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Driving In The Winter

    Do you like driving in the sun, or the snow? Do you prefer a window full of ice or no windows at all? What type of scenery do you like? Are you for the cool or the heat? Driving in any weather or any season can be dangerous, but today we will be discussing the good things and the bad of driving in the winter and the summer. Driving in the winter can be extremely hazardous. If it snows in your winter, you may have to get a vehicle inspection. If your vehicle is not in the condition to be on a…

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  • Ethical Dilemmas For Self-Driving Car

    across the street because he is late for school. In situations like this, there is often no one correct way to handle the situation. If a regular human driver was faced with this moral dilemma, they would probably do something instinctively. It the end, it would just be a freak accident and it would be difficult to blame the human…

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