Jim Elliot

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Missionaries make a huge impact on the world for Christ. Their courage, hard work, and sacrifice in the ministry should be noted. One of the most influential, modern day missionaries was Jim Elliot. He is remembered as the missionary martyr to Ecuador, but he did even more for Christ before that. Jim Elliot’s background prepared him for his future, allowed him to minister in United States, and allowed him to minister in South America.

First, Jim Elliot’s background prepared him for his future. In her book Shadow of the Almighty, Elizabeth Elliot (1958, pages 25-26), Jim Elliot’s wife, recounts that he grew up in Oregon as an evangelist kid. He was saved when he was six, and began “preaching” to his friends in his front lawn. In 1945, Jim Elliot
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In December 1948, God narrowed Elliot’s vision to Ecuador after hearing about a missionary working there. At language school, he heard about the Auca Indians, an unreached people group. Jim Elliot decided to devote ten days to praying about an answer concerning him and the Aucas. He finally set sail for Ecuador in February. Jim begged God to help him with his Spanish, and after only five months, even the Ecuadorians were surprised by his pronunciation. He was finally able to preach his first sermon in Spanish. Jim, after getting married, moved to Puyupungu, where an Indian named Antanasio with fifteen children lived. He and other missionaries taught the adults and children about the Bible and started literacy classes. Several years later, he flew to Arajuno where Aucas lived, repeating phrases he had learned from a captive Auca women and trying to trade items with the Aucas. On November 27th, Jim and Nate made their second flight to where the Aucas lived. On this trip, they discovered a beach where it would be possible to land a plane. On January 2nd, Jim left on an expedition to reach the Aucas. Only six days later, he, along with four other American missionaries, was killed by the people he had prayed for and strived to reach. Jim Elliot’s preparation in America led the way for him to work in South America where he would ultimately give his life for the cause of

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