Sixth Reading Of Pursuing Happiness

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The sixth reading in chapter one of our texts Pursuing Happiness, edited by Matthew Parfitt and Dawn Skorczewski, presents material translated from The Gospel of Matthew. I studied sources to find out more about this ancient text, and in the paragraphs below. I am going to talk about to whom the book of Matthew written to, who was Matthew as an apostle, and what he accomplished by his gospel. Matthew was one of the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus Christ himself and is the first Chapter in the Christianity bible, although those that stress Matthew’s alleged dependence on Mark for a substantial part of his gospel. Some scholars started to abandon Matthew’s authorship, But is that even the case. Many of those scholars asked questions that say …show more content…
How did it happen, well one day Jesus was walking and saw the tax collector sitting at a tax collection post and said to him, “Follow me.”
And at that second Matthew stood up without hesitation and followed Jesus. Matthew was a dishonest tax collector driven by greed, but Jesus Christ himself chose him as a disciple and he was soon to become an Evangelist and tell the whole world about our Lord our savior Jesus and soon to be the help to make the “The Gospel of Matthew” . Comes to think, man our Lord Jesus knew exactly what he was doing. He got someone in the corrupt system that did not believe to believe then turn against the system to proclaim successfully that Jesus is real and accomplished his will. Matthew a Jew, a tax collector, and a sinner accomplished his eyewitness gospel, he was soon to go proclaim and declare the gospel. He went to many cities to turn the wicked people to righteous people by the help of God. He was to help the poor and make the sick healed in Jesus name but the most extraordinary and radical accomplishment

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