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  • The Marine Expeditionary Unit: The Fully Mission

    The Marine Expeditionary Unit, the basis with which the MAGTF operates, must evolve in the near future in order to cope with the concepts and challenges presented in Expeditionary Force 21. First, refining our organization and adjusting the way we train and fight is necessary to face the ever changing tactics and strategies of our adversaries. Second, our forward posture needs to adjust in order to smartly prepare for crises and hostilities abroad. Nested in these two concepts are several…

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  • Charles Whitman Biography Essay

    Charles Whitman was born and raised in Lake Worth, Florida with his two younger brothers Patrick and John. His dad, C.A Whitman, was a successful plumbing contractor and also an accomplished businessman with the help of Charles’s mom. Despite being a hard worker, Whitman’s father believed in abusive behavior, or corporal punishment, as a form of discipline for the boys. He also had a propensity for mixing love and violence, often in the same sentence. He always resolved matters with discipline…

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  • Captain Kidd Research Paper

    After a while Kidd left and sailed for New York. In New York he was able to remove an illegitimate government from power and gain some respect amongst the new york merchants. He married a wealthy widow and started to dream up the idea of being a Royal Navy ship captain. He then got a letter of recommendation from a high ranking new york resident Captain Kidd settled for the position of a privateer and was backed by the King of England as well as some of the most powerful men in England to…

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  • How Did Yorktown Win The Revolutionary War

    Young Yorktown The battle of Yorktown is a battle like no other. The battle is the battle that finally won the colonists freedom. There are many important things to know about the battle of Yorktown like who were the leaders of both sides who won. The war and what were the outcomes of the war. This piece will tell you all about that and help you learn more about the battle of Yorktown. Proud people (Notice in this picture how George Washington is on his horse and the…

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  • Isaac Newton: The World's Most Influential Mind The World

    Isaac Newton, born on January 4, 1643 in Woolsthrope, England was one of the most influential minds the world has ever seen. In his early life he was the only son of a farmer. Born premature, tiny, and weak Newton was not expected to live. At the young age of 12 he demonstrated innate intellectual abilities. After completing basic education, Newton attended the University of Cambridge’s Trinity College where his prowess for mathematics, physics, chemistry, and other subjects began to come to…

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  • Reflective Essay-Fair: Experience At The Career Fair

    Experience at the Career Fair On Thursday, October 5, I had the opportunity to go to a career fair on campus. It was an interesting experience. I had knowledge of some of the companies that would be at the fair. I had the pleasure of talking to Lieutenant Anthony Natale with the United States Navy. He was an interesting man with a passion for the Navy. He enlisted in the Navy in 1999 and has been serving ever since. I talked to Lieutenant Anthony for about forty minutes about my possible future…

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  • Anne Bonny Research Paper

    Roughly 300 hundred years ago Anne Bonny navigated along the Caribbean, capturing precious treasure, targeting low lives, and stealing ships with Jack Rackham and Mary Read ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). Anne lived during the 18th century, and had a long and arduous life full of danger, risk, and excitement ("Famous Pirate: Anne Bonny"). From the day Anne was brought into this world till the day she took her last breath, she worked hard, and was an extraordinary female. Anne Bonny is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In San Clemente

    Late at night you can hear a loud boom and then the night sky light up. New comers to our community ask what it is that, people in San Clemente will tell them that is the sound of freedom. It is the Marine Corp at Camp Pendleton practicing night maneuvers. I want to join the Marines over the other branches probably due to how I have grown up next to Camp Pendleton. Living in San Clemente offers our community an opportunity to get to know the Marines stationed at Camp Pendleton and they have…

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  • What Was Churchill's Response To The Pre-Great War

    either fallen just short of the target or else just a little beyond it.” Predictably, Churchill’s reaction to this statement was not enjoyable to behold. This incident, and the statement by the admiral, is a good example of the state of the British Royal Navy pre-Great War and shows the starting point for what Churchill had to work with. The same way Churchill approached any situation, his first instinct was to learn everything he possibly could after…

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  • Did Napoleon Save Or Destroy The French Revolution?

    Did Napoleon save or destroy the French Revolution? In 1799 Napoleon seizes power and takes charge of France. Did Napoleon destroy what was left of the Revolution or did he save it? Napoleon was the cause of a new era, wars, changes in the French society, and the changes in territories. Napoleon was a commander in the army at the age of twenty-six. In 1803 Napoleon wants France to become the most powerful country. By 1808 Napoleon and France controls most of Europe. Napoleon conquered most of…

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