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  • Mid Day Meal Scheme Program Analysis

    Human Development Index of the 2014 Human Development Report (HDR); India is ranked 135 among 187 countries. This is mostly due to the miserable condition of our education, health and living standards. India’s booming population makes it difficult for children from poor and marginalized communities to afford and/or access basic education and healthcare. This later has far-reaching consequences for the country. The Mid Day Meal Scheme…

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  • Essay On Limiting Recess

    To the Members of the Boston Public Schools Board of Education: “School districts across the country have been slowly limiting recess and children’s free time at schools with many schools taking the drastic step of eliminating recess altogether” (Keeler 14). Many schools believed that smarter students could be cultivated with less free time and more work time (Keeler 14). However, children in America are suffering from a health crisis from the lack of physical activity and free time in schools,…

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  • Essay To Study Nursing

    We helped teach pupils in a primary school, while learning about the way they lived and seeing the different ways in which their life and culture was different to ours. Working with the pupils allowed me to develop my communication skills as they didn’t understand some of the things we were teaching so I had to use visual communication to explain. The trip required us to have respect for and gain the respect of the primary students, the teachers, and the many other people we…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion For Accounting

    Coming through life I have always had a passion with the subject mathematics it has always been a subject that I have excelled in from early primary school, right through into my A-levels. In studying the maths A-level I have gained much knowledge into the application of maths in many situations especially in the ‘statistics’ module that I am currently completing, which can be transferred into the business industry in many ways. My passion for accounting came from when I first visited a lecture…

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  • Elementary Schools: Collective Case Study

    adopted CGS Section 10-22(c) that requires: …each local and regional board of education shall submit to the commissioner of education a strategic school profile report for each school under its jurisdiction and for the school district as a whole. Each profile report will contain information on measures of student needs, school resources, and student and school performance. According to the Connecticut State Department of Education, the purpose of these reports is to, “…serve as an accountability…

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  • Reflection On Rotary Youth Leadership

    This past summer has been one for the records! I have been with friends I have never talked to, and have done things I have never thought about doing. During my junior school year I was chosen to apply for the RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award) Program. I talked to previous alumni from my high school which have gone and they all shared the same feelings towards the program; they treasured their time at RYLA. I expected to learn in a classroom and take notes about different strategies that…

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  • Cowherds Pestle Analysis

    tool to target the same target group, children. The idea behind this is to connect with primary schools and hospital to expand the Cowherds community and reach more people to tackle health issues in Salford. To reach efficiency in the application of this solution we researched primary schools and their characteristics to explain how Cowherds can connect with them. First, Holy Family Salford constitutes a primary school based on British values, which includes a wide range of extracurricular…

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  • Reading And Writing Career

    It all started in preschool where I was just beginning to learn the alphabet. Then as I progressed in elementary school I went from learning to read children’s books to chapter books, as well as learning to write on my own. Following that I moved on to middle school writing plenty of essays advancing in my literary career. Now, as I move onto high school, I’m creating more essays than I ever have before, and I would call it one of the major points in my literary career. Throughout my career,…

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  • Personal Narrative: El Rincon De Don Pedro

    come and go wherever and whenever we wanted to. We could only afford to buy the necessary. Nethertheless, I would’ve preferred to stay in Mexico, but Hawaii was the best choice my parents could have made. Moving to the United States meant a better education and an opportunity to become better, as my parents would always say. We moved to Hawaii in 2004. I was 4, which meant that I didn’t know how my life would change. Although I was very young, I clearly remember everything. I remember being at…

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  • Personal Narrative: Heather Hills

    Parting is such sweet sorrow. Over the past 17 years, I’ve found myself saying goodbye to a myriad of both people and places. Of course, the vast majority of the locations and faces I’ve encountered bear no deep significance to me today and are forgotten. However, there are certain places that are able to trigger an inundation of memories for me. One such place in my life has been Heather Hills Elementary School. Heather Hills was a school I attended for hardly a year; nevertheless, it is a…

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