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  • The Five Stages Of Development In Children

    Development in children is continuous from birth through to adolescent and although children will develop at different rates the order in which they develop will be the same as certain skills need to be developed before they develop the next skill ie they need to be able to crawl before they can walk and walk before they can run. The development of children is referred to to by using a timeline and is measured on five areas as discussed below. The five areas are:- Social development Physical…

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  • Case Study: The Legal And Ethical Dilemma

    In the case study “ The Legal and Ethical Dilemma” pertains to a patient 89 years old, widow Mary Evelyn Greene was abled body, during the time of her husband passing away to maintain and function independently; before showing advance signs of memory impairment. The patient’s son, David Greene a successful Attorney, carried the burden of supporting his mother with allowing her to have private assistant living (CNA) and a housekeeper. The son lives about twenty-miles away from Shady Brooks…

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  • Edd Physician Record Case Study

    Step 1: Review the ED physician record. Note presenting signs and symptoms, lab values, medical history, and the ED physician’s impression, as well as the reason why the patient is being admitted. Note any diagnostics or procedures performed in the ED. Don’t forget this part of the admission, because you might be using the ED record as the basis for an attending query, such as acute respiratory failure for a dyspneic patient intubated in the ED. Step 2: Look for the physician’s document of the…

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  • Knigge Ranch Case Study

    The Knigge Ranch is a 800-acre ranch located 10 miles west and 7 miles north of Verdigre, Nebraska. This ranch has been in the Kreycik name since July 11, 1898. Lance and Lorie (Kreycik) Knigge have been the owners since October 23, 1998. Currently, there are three major management concerns throughout the property which are identified below. Canada Thistle (Cirium arvense) Introduction Canada thistle (Cirium arvense) is an invasive, perennial species of noxious weed that spreads rapidly by…

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  • Essay On Nursing Theory

    NURSING THEORY 2 NURSING THEORY 3 Nursing Theory Ashlee Seek South University Running head: NURSING THEORY 1 Nursing Theory Nursing Autobiography My background in nursing includes an acute care hospital setting and a physician?s office in which we cared for patients with both acute and chronic illnesses. I graduated with my associate degree in nursing in 2003. Upon graduation I gained employment on a cardiac step-down unit at my local community hospital, Munroe Regional Medical…

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