The Fairview Counseling Centers Adult Intake Form Essay

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While searching for an intake form to critique, the Fairview Counseling Centers Adult Intake Form stood out among many others that were viewed. Choosing an appropriate intake form is the first step in gathering the necessary foundation to build upon. Furthermore, collecting data from the intended client enables the social worker to have a starting point in order to move forward in a direction. This direction can lead to further developing the client / social worker relationship or it could mean a referral to other agencies. Hepworth, Rooney, Dewberry Rooney Strom- Gottfried Direct Social Work Practice Theory and Skills (2013)
Does it ask all the necessary questions to determine what the client’s presenting problem is?
The Fairview Counseling Centers Adult Intake Form addresses the presenting problem right from the beginning asking the client what has led them to seek help, starting where the client is at the moment which is an essential part of the initial assessment Hepworth, Rooney, Dewberry Rooney & Gottfried Direct Social Work Practice (2013). The next question is a follow-up question regarding what the client has tried in the past to resolve their concerns/ issues. Additionally, by including biosocial, social and psychological questions, the social worker is better able to assist the client. This particular intake form addresses all the essential areas of a multidimensional perspective enabling the social worker to see the whole picture of how the independent…

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