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  • Hypothalamus Case Study

    the mesolimbic dopamine pathway. The theory suggests that foods that are more desirable, cause stimulation from senses such as smell and sight which cause orexin neurons to activate and release dopamine into the preoptic area of the hypothalamus (POA), the nucleus accumbens (NAc). It does not appear to be the taste receptors are the factors that stimulate this, the uncertainty of this comes from laboratory experiments involving rats. The rats though lacking sweet receptors still developed a…

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  • Winchelsea Common Nature Reserve

    Project Title: Winchelsea Common Nature Reserve The Winchelsea Common Nature Reserve is situated on the corners of Gladman Street, Hopkin and Witcombe Street Winchelsea. It is in joint ownership with the Surf Coast Shire and DELWP. Legislation affecting this site are the Crown land (Reserves) Act 1972 Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 ( Federal Act) Flora and Fauna guarantee Act 1988 (VIC). It is in the Bioregion of the Victorian Volcanic Plain, the catchment area…

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  • Business Case: Sender: Vansitri Benjapattharaseth

    Sender: Vansitri Benjapattharaseth Background: Correspondence on a sale of unit Original: Please find below for the Buyer’s offer for your review ka. 1. The selling price at THB 275,000/ sqm base on 122.33 sqm or Baht 33,640,750.00. – 2. The deposit of the amount THB 2,000,000.- shall be paid on the date of signing contract (I will discuss if this amount she can make 10% from the selling price and by offshore or not) 3. The remaining balance will be paid in offshore on the Registration date.…

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  • Nursing Case Study Nursing Care Plan

    According to Canadian institute of health information “Advance care planning or advance directives are associated with better patient experience and lower costs for the health system (2016, p.11). Health care providers hold the accountability to educate and inform the patient to scrutinize treatment options and to help them to make preferences by “engaging patient and families to reflect on their values, understand their disease process and progression, and develop a palliative care plan”…

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  • Adult Intake Form: A Case Study

    While searching for an intake form to critique, the Fairview Counseling Centers Adult Intake Form stood out among many others that were viewed. Choosing an appropriate intake form is the first step in gathering the necessary foundation to build upon. Furthermore, collecting data from the intended client enables the social worker to have a starting point in order to move forward in a direction. This direction can lead to further developing the client / social worker relationship or it could mean…

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  • Essay On Retirement Planning

    Retirement Plan When determining your retirement you must first assess your source of income, savings, expenses and managing of income. You have to take into consideration the location, the standard and when you will work your final day ("Retirement Planning Definition"). Retirement planning will vary throughout your life because each stage a different goal is trying to be achieved. In the early stages the ultimate goal is putting enough aside and it the later stage it is about the non-financial…

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  • Analysis Of Euroley Bridge Ecosystem

    of plant species and weeds were found in the Euroley Bridge Ecosystem touching the 30m transect. Some species appeared randomly along the 30m transect while other species were discovered clumped together. The species that appeared randomly included Poa Labillardier (Tussock grass, see image 1), Anthoxanthum Odoratum (Sweet Vernal-grass), Eleusine indicia (Goosegrass) and Sonchus Oleraceus (Sow-Thistle). The species that appeared clumped together were Foeniculum Vulgare Mill (Fennel) and…

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  • Essay On Pressure Ulceration

    The reduction of the rising case of pressure ulcer has turned into a key objective among most hospital settings. Pressure ulcers have an unfavorable impact on patients' wellbeing and wellbeing, and they are a critical financial weight on the procurement of medical services. The quantity of PU can reflect the manner in which the clinic is administering treatment to the patient. The lessening of pressure ulceration through powerful administration is an enormous and complex strategy zone that is of…

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  • Medical Care During The Civil War

    in many ways by the disease and treatment of ill soldiers during Civil War. *add info about each medical innovation (amputation, inhaler, chest wounds, facial reconstruction, prosthetics, hospital architecture, pharmacy) also add some sources from POA cuz we used the notes* SANITATION…

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  • The Importance Of Interspecific Competition

    Interspecific competition is the competition between two different species. Interspecific competition results from many species with similar niches and limited resources available. A niche is defined as an area that a species inhabits, the role or function of the species in the ecosystem and the species relationship with all is biotic and abiotic factors affecting it (Biology online dictionary, 2015).The limiting resources could be resources such as mates’ nutrients and space (M. Beals, L. Gross…

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