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  • Connection Without Hesitation Short Story

    then we all move on to our own places. When they started to uncover the food, the aroma is overwhelming I can smell the seasoning of soy sauce, sugary-sweet, and the roasted garlic chicken flavor of the dishes sitting at the bar side of hall. The smell just makes me hyper salivate. It was all homemade. Ate Rose made it. I started to scoop my favorite food, the pancit (it 's an asian stir fry noodles), grab couple of puto’s (like a cupcake but steamed) and sinangag (fried rice). Most of the Filipino food has rice flavorings because rice is widely available in the Philippines. (or you can say.. “rice is a staple food in the Philippines.” I sat down in one of the tables in the middle hall where my husband,my son and my daughter sit,and they already grabbed their own plate. Ate Phoebe sit with us and visits, she asks me “Si Ranielle, nasa Billings?” (talking to me in Tagalog, one of the basic dialect in the Philippines). I said , “Opo” (Opo or po means yes to represent respect while talking to older person). While I and ate Phoebe are chatting, the little Indian boy. He is Kalyn’s classmate, came over and asked me, “do you have a pencil and a paper?” I said, “o, but I can ask somebody if you want?” He said,”Ok, I 'll wait.” I found a paper behind the bar’s drawer. Then,he started to sketch a figure of Batman. It was an impressive accurate drawing of Batman. I said,” Wow!” The boy drew was just almost 10 years old. I was surprised. I told him, “Good job!” with my thumbs up.…

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  • How Does Jannine Affect Filipino Culture

    Filipino culture does greatly affect Jannine’s food habits. However, since Philippines is a predominantly roman catholic country, a lot of Filipino cultures either have Christian root or influence by Christian. During the interview, Jannine…

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  • The Importance Of Filipino Food And Food In The Philippines

    start, may I ask how many in here enjoys eating Filipino food? And from those hands raising, how many knows how to cook some Filipino food? (Insert to the audience) You may or may not be a Filipino but if you know and love eating Filipino foods especially using your bare hands to eat it, is close to being one of them because this is one of the Filipinos’ trademark for they are known to be food lovers. I was born here in Saipan but had spent my 9 years in the Philippines that is why I get to…

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  • Importance Of Hot Food In The Philippines

    In the Philippines, finding food in most areas has never been a true issue due to the diverse geography of the area and large waters. There are three seasons in the Philippines: a rainy monsoon season, which is followed by moderate temperatures, and finally a season of dry conditions. The rainy monsoon season begins in May or June and ends in October. Although this monsoon season can be damaging, it is necessary in order to grow crops such as rice. Next, the moderate temperatures last until late…

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  • Essay About Pililipino Street Festival

    many carps offering different products and accessories I connotatively considered the festival as a bazaar. While I was walking, there was a stage where the corresponding activities were being carried out. Around the stage there were tables where the people enjoyed the show while they savored the different plates and drinks. While I was on the line waiting to buy my ticket, I could hear that on the stage they were talking a little about the history of the language spoken in the Filipino culture.…

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  • Filipino Spaniard Essay

    The Filipino-Spaniard The Philippines were conquered once by the Spaniards, gaining independence from Spain on June 12, 1898. "So even though we might be a South East Asia community, we are so different from any other Asians or people in the region, it’s like we belong somewhere else. We are mutts, they look at us like we are mutts", says the source, whose name is not being mentioned for confidentiality reasons. The interview setting was in her house, so she would be comfortable and familiar…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay-It's Time To Drought In California

    severe cutbacks in its usage in agriculture and consequently a cutback in the amount of food produced. As a member of the Filipino Youth Association and an avid Filipino community activist with a deep rooted Filipino background, I have always felt one with the Filipino culture. Which is why I chose to study the Filipino community around where I live in order to see how the drought has affected my brothers and sisters. The Philippines is a tropical country, lying near the equator, and subject to…

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  • Corruption In The Philippines Essay

    attempted to do just that. However, the first missionaries had to pioneer the boundaries in which missionaries operated. Many missionaries brought the Gospel, though it came hidden underneath many cultural and societal norms that they superimposed on the people that they reached. The missionaries to the Philippines are no exception to this, they went to the third world country and imposed their language, culture, and provided financial welfare. America’s influence structurally, culturally, and…

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  • Negros Occidental Case Study

    Introduction Negros Occidental is a province of the Philippines located in the Negros Island Region. Its capital is Bacolod City and it occupies the northwestern half of Negros Island; Negros Oriental is at the southeastern half. Victorias City is the fourth class city of Negros Occidental. It is known as the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines", Negros Occidental produces more than half the nation's sugar output. It is notable for being the site of Victorias Milling Company, sitting on a 7,000…

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  • Asean Case Study

    ASEAN: economic integration and intra-regional trade - Subhash C. Sharma and Soo Y. Chua At the summit meeting of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) in January 1992, leaders from the six countries of ASEAN agreed to form the ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA). ASEAN consists of Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. At the summit in September 1994, the plan was accelerated and ASEAN countries will be an FTA by the year 2003. On the other hand, equally…

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