Philippine Independence Day Parade

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  • Historic Filipinotown

    Understanding the patterns of immigration contributes to our conceptualization of place as a site of action and agency (amerasia journal). The first immigration wave happened while the Philippine islands still belonged to Spain and Manila galleons would stop by the United States for trade purposes in the 1860s. Some Filipinos ended up staying in the United States, but their numbers were too few to maintain a place and retain memories. The second immigration wave, also known as the manong generation, saw unlimited importation of Filipino laborers since they were considered US Nationals before the Philippine Independence Treaty of 1934. Stockton witnessed a short-lived but thriving community of manongs as we can gather today from the dance halls and the Little Manila Foundation. The third immigration wave allowed for War Brides to be reunited with their husbands, but it was not until the fourth wave, the Immigration Act of 1965, that there came an influx of professional and family units. Historic Filipinotown served as a working-class immigrant port-of-entry, facilitating the settlement and employment of Filipinos through social service agencies…

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  • Essay On The American Flag

    explores the dissenting opinion and views that rank and file citizens have on the flag itself. The last part of this short research paper expounds the argument that the power blocs ultimately have the power to determine the true meaning behind the flag where this meaning is acknowledged nationwide. American Flag: Symbols and Significance The American flag was conceived in 1777 by the directives of the Continental Congress. The creation of this flag symbolizes the conception of an independent…

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  • Manipulation In America

    What a lot Americans fail to realize is that slavery still occurs in America and it is paid for through lack of knowledge. The United States of America was built on the back of immigrant ancestors, but the irony is that the same people are kicking them out. Money feeds a hungry nation, and when there is nothing left, we do away with the foundation. These ancestors are nothing but items that can be bought on a famous punch line like “ the pursuit of happiness’’ but sold for dirt and hard work…

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  • The Lansdowne Portrait Analysis

    The Lansdowne portrait is a famous painting of George Washington which now resides in the National Portrait Gallery in Washington D.C. (George, np). The painting itself has become a national symbol of America and the freedom of democracy. The mastermind behind the painting, Gilbert Stuart, used subtle symbolism to evoke a sense of freedom and triumph in order to portray Washington as the ultimate American and the father of freedom. Gilbert Stuart was a native to the colonies of early America.…

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