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  • Patrick Manson Accomplishments

    diseases and this theory was tested. Sir Ronald Ross, another medical officer, was the one to confirm that this theory was correct. This is an incredibly important discovery Manson also discovered many other parasite related diseases such as sparganosis, an infection caused from ingestion of water contaminated with this parasite. There is another parasitologist though that came close to being Patrick Manson’s equal and that is Giovanni Grassi. He was also a pioneer in parasitology as well as Manson but lacked the skill set that Patrick Manson had acquired. He did though, the same as Manson, study mosquitoes. He never actually found hard evidence of the mosquito’s viral transmission so he mainly revolved around a tapeworm called Taenia nana and the fact that it doesn’t actually need an immediate host which, at the time, was against other beliefs. Though he did make these discoveries that contributed to parasitology, Manson can still rise above this on account of his numerous discoveries and high amount of contribution to parasitology. Manson has made many important discoveries and should be acknowledged as one of the best parasitologists of his time and possibly our time. He is maybe even one of the best scientists of his time. He surmounted most expectations even at a young age and continued to do so well into his career. Patrick Manson should be commended for his contributions.…

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  • Tungiasis Case Study

    available reservoir and may help in reducing Tunga penetrans population (Cardoso, 1981; Cardoso, 1990). Statement of the problem In Kenya, like elsewhere in the world, tungiasis has remained a neglected parasitic skin disease of the impoverished populations (Heukelbach et al., 2001). This has been so among the scientists, medics, and the victims themselves. Victims of tungiasis have not, in most cases, taken tungiasis as a major health threat. Parents do not present their children to the…

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