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  • Why Is Language Dying Out

    Languages are going extinct. According to the Huffington Post language is dying out faster than any other language. At a rate of one tongue every two weeks. That is faster than animal species are dying out (Underwood). People might say that is good that the smaller languages are dying out because no really spoke them anyway. The thing is that, it is really not good. Language gives us insight into the minds of the people who spoke it and tells us more about the past. As language gets more unified…

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  • Saussure's Defense Against Nomenclature

    that we do not speak language, but language speaks us. Specifically, Saussure (1916) argued against the “default setting” that is nomenclature, stating “for some people a language, reduced to its essentials, is a nomenclature: a list of terms corresponding to a list of things” (p. 97). I am arguing in Saussure’s defense against nomenclature by highlighting his objections, uncovering the problematic notions that language is arbitrary and conventional. Saussure argues that language is not just a…

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  • Study Of Evolution, And Physical Anthropology

    Linguistic anthropology usually requires an understanding of the physical anthropology aspects in order decipher some of the ancient writings. This is the foundation for most to understand the linguistics of today as there are approximately 6,900 languages (Anderson,…

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  • Essay On Spanglish Language

    Languages around the world are important to make connections and communicate with other people. Some current languages today around the world can be altered in the future, can be created to benefit a society, and can influence on cultures as to how people will see the world. How these things happen will be explained as follows. According to McWhorter’s (2015) article, he believes that within time, the linguistic world will be different than what it is today. He states that the current 6000…

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  • Business Communication

    There are many obstacle that can obscure or hinder a message to reach the intended people such as noise, poor visibility, weather and other things but there are about six barriers to business communication that affect or that can make the intended people fail to understand the meaning of the words even if they can hear the words. These barriers are to be avoided in the business community and if you can identify them, then you can avoid them and present a good speech. The six barriers are…

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  • Reflection On Instructional Strategies Applied By The Candidate

    with a variety of strategies to assist with his instruction and lots of general encouragement to help him progress through the reading and the written assignment. In order to get through the written assignment, I provided Ville with some written language skill assistance by provided him sentence…

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  • My Observation Of ESL Classroom

    classroom environment and the participation of students in relation with what I have learned in this class. When I entered the classroom, the first thing fascinated me was that all the four word walls were well labeled in both the languages(English and Spanish) with appropriate pictures. The setting of the room was safely configured, and convenient as well as appealing to the kids. The desks…

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  • Helen Keller's Impact On Literacy Narrative

    Most may not realize at first but language influences the everyday life of people around the world. From speaking to a close one or to an entire country, language has become a human necessity. Today, an individual could look around and find a word about a certain subject. However, what if there was no literacy? As a person with prescription glasses isn’t necessarily blind; when I was a toddler, the inside of my ears made everything sound muffled. Back then, it was the time for me to learn my…

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  • What's Right Or Wrong About Language

    Language Shifts in an Academic Article and Tweets Edward Finegan’s article, “What’s right or wrong about language, and who decides?” It is an academic article. Finegan explains that 1.what is “correct” Language, 2.Descriptive vs. Prescriptive Grammar, 3.Who’s Right? In re-writting the whole thing of Finegan’s article as some Tweets, I try my best to make it shorter and more informal. They have a lot different, like language choices, organization and formatting. In the original article, Finegan…

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  • The Canterbury Cathedral By Paul Frankl: Summary

    In the excerpts from his book, Paul Frankl introduced the concepts of symbols of mean and symbols of form. Separated into two sections, Frankl establishes a difference between the two and explains the “three degrees” of symbolism within a cathedral:1) natural objects, 2) works of man, and 3) symbols. In his exploration of these two types of symbolism, Frankl takes a great care to address linguistics and point out specific word choices he is making to avoid confusion. Throughout these excerpts,…

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