How Reading Changed My Life

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Growing I was a part of a Caucasian family whose mom’s family came from England, while my dad’s family came from the East Coast. Both of my parents spoke English as their primary language so I naturally spoke English as well. I began to talk at an early age, and my parents say that I loved to communicate with people I knew. I remember when I read my first word at a coffee cart in Denver, and since then I have enjoyed reading books of all sizes. I don’t remember my parents reading novels when I was younger, but I do remember being read to as a young child while I at a snack before bed. Once I was a second grader I picked up books from the American Girl Doll Series and I read those chapter books at night before bed. After each book that I finished I would write a summary of what I read in a journal that my mom bought me, and I still have that journal to this day. Being read to, whether it was at home or at school was very beneficial to me as a student. I always listened intently to every word that was read aloud and I started to pick up reading through word memorization and patterns that I heard in the stories as they were …show more content…
My mother was very talented with instruments and singing, so I followed suit and continued to sing all the way through my childhood. Emersion into music started quite young for me as I sang in preschool, KinderCare, middle school, and in church choir. I also sang in Young Voices of Colorado for three years, and I continue to sing to this day. I was always singing songs, memorizing words to songs that I enjoyed, and reading lyrics online in order to become the best that I could be musically. I learned to read this in this way too, and I not only read words but I read music as well. Singing in choir was a great experience for me because I learned complicated words in song lyrics, and then was able to use those words in context throughout my everyday life as

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