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  • Myasabeda Tribe Case Study

    The study of tribal community provides new dimensions to our cultural understanding and to the insights towards the society. Such a socio-cultural study has been going on from the times of British rule in India. Many foreign scholars have contributed in this regard. It may be noted that Worrier Elwin carried out research work on many Indian tribes and dedicated his life towards the upliftment of such tribes. Myasabedas are a community who have dedicated themselves to the modern world but still…

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  • Assertiveness In Vietnam Case Study

    THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK The assertiveness score for Vietnam is not reported in the GLOBE framework. Therefore, in order to estimate the level of assertiveness in Vietnam, this study looks at that of its neighboring countries. Clusters of countries within geographic proximity (Furnham, Kirkcaldy & Lynn, 1994) reveal important information about societal variation, intercultural similarities and differences. This allows the researcher to make inference about Vietnam based on empirical findings…

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  • Speech Organisms: The Structure Of Speech Production Mechanisms

    how human beings produce sound (Honda 2003). When humans produce sounds it is one way in which humans communicate (Harrub, Thompson and Miller n.d.). Speech production mechanism involves different physiological structures that interact. Spoken language can be recognised through articulatory phonetics. Linguistic can be represented through articulator movements that in return make speech a way to transfer information. This can only happen with various parts of the chest, neck, and head. These…

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  • Odyssey And Morrison Home Analysis

    Throughout Homer’s Odyssey and Morrison’s Home, the different societies have their own ways of working together as a community. Even though the communities have similarities, there are many ways in which they are actually different. The major difference between the communities within the two stories is the way in which both of them are able to express their sense of unity in their societies. Within Homer’s Odyssey, most of the poleis throughout the epic maintain a sense of arrogance. Each polis…

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  • Research Paper On Procrastination

    Yes, what is Procrastination? Here are some famous definitions to the "Procrastination", Merriam‐Webster: “To put off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.” “To put off till another day or time; defer; delay.” “To postpone or delay needlessly.” However procrastination is much more than postponing something, and the concept isn’t as simple as many people think. Here’s my definition: It is just postponing what we have to do and doing…

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  • Language Examples In Children

    INTRODUCTION Language samples of children are helpful to see what stage they are at in their language development. By looking at different aspects of their normal speech you can get a pretty clear picture of where the child is at. The language sample that I am going to be talking about is on a little girl names Olivia. She is four years old and is talking to her Aunt. They are playing with some of her toys in a good environment. I feel that this is a good language sample because it is in an…

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  • Jacob And Rachel: The Five Parts Of Language

    There are five parts of language that were used to analyze Jacob and Rachel in the video. The five parts of language are semantics, pragmatics, morphology, phonology, and syntax. All of these are different types of spoken language. Let’s take a closer look at each part of language. Semantics deals with the content and meaning of expressions (Thomason, 1996). The book states that semantics is a part of language that is concerned with rules governing the meaning and the content of words or units…

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  • Competent Oral Discourse Analysis

    defined Discourse as a “socially accepted association among ways of using language, of thinking, feeling, believing, valuing, and of acting that can be used to identify oneself…of a socially meaningful group…” (Gee, 1990, p. 143, as cited in McCarthy, 2016). Language Register It is important that children learn what Language Register and take advantage as “Competent oral communication requires being able to use a variety of language registers and being able to choose that which best fits the…

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  • Phonological Rules

    In class on Wednesday, we went further with our discussion on language. We talked about how different languages have different rules and what these rules mean to the language as a whole. I am currently taking Spanish for the first time ever (I took sign language in high school for my language requirement) and of course in that class we are learning about the different rules and so on. On Wednesday morning, my professor asked a student who goes to North Central who is from Nicaragua to come talk…

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  • Benefits Of Code Switching

    economics. It is amazing how we use it without thinking of it. When I first found out the definition of code-switching, I thought to myself and said I cannot deny that at all. Code-switching is the practice of alternating between two or more languages or varieties of language in conversation. Since finding out more about this topic, I have examined myself as I used it. There are plenty of ways that it can be utilized. Code-switching is associated with social media applications such as Twitter,…

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