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  • Land Of Ogres

    Welcome to the Land of Ogres It was the moment my world stopped. The moment the birds flew away for safety and little kids playing so noisily outside ran home to their beloved mothers. I can remember it clearly. “James, Yvonne. Your dad is very sick, he can’t cope living here anymore, and his mummy and granny have both died. That is why we’re moving to Scotland.” I could feel the hatred both my brother and I had towards my mum for saying something that was beyond our wildest dreams of impossibilities. I’d never been to Scotland before, but I had seen Shrek which I always imagined everyone to look like. Big, green and hands so big they could lift up the world as if it was a football. I knew I couldn’t move to Scotland the people were ogres who would happily eat up an innocent four year old child. I remember as if it was yesterday, running out the house being greeted by the sun on my face and the sweet smell of cherries blooming from every tree around me. I would continue running until I arrived…

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  • The Make-Up In Shrek The Musical

    Shrek the Musical was based upon a young oger who lived with his parents until the age of seven. At this point in his life, he was sent into the idk world to make a living for himself. As time progressed, an embittered Shrek is living contentedly alone in a dirty, musty, swamp. His life was flipped upside, down when all the fairy tale beings of the land showed up in his confinement of solitude. From that point on, the journey that Shrek embarked was portrayed through the strong and weak…

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  • Dualism And Reality In Shrek

    When Fiona was younger an evil witch cast a curse on her, turning her into an ogre every night. She feels ashamed by this and hides herself to the world. In the film Fiona demonstrates actions that stereotypically would not be considered as “princess” behaviours. This brings up the question of “did she always act like this, or when she got turned into an ogre, not only her physical appearance change, but also her mind set.” Fiona says in this scene “ Maybe you shouldn 't get to judge people…

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  • Why Is Shrek An Archetypal Hero

    He lives in a swamp as an ogre. He has colored skin, a rounded belly, and a look that frightens any human that sets eyes on him. Most individuals love to socialize and make friends but not this one. So how could an ogre be a hero? What could make this ogre that is known to be cold hearted have the slightest kindness to take this quest? This is not any normal adventure, this is one that is only made for the brave. Even though he is a beast with a scary appearance, Shrek is an Archetypal Hero…

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  • Summary Of Master Cat: Puss In Boots

    god or spirit, but he does have to outwit others “...by playing clever tricks…”(Perrault 48). These others are strictly human beings or animals and not gods. There are several instances in which Master Cat must overcome humans or animals, one being when he has to be wise enough to trick his prey, which are animals. This skill of being intelligent is not used against gods or spirits, but instead Master Cat must utilize this skill against animals. Another example of Master Cat outsmarting non god…

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  • Shrek Archetypal Hero Analysis

    Shrek an Archetypal hero “Ogre’s are like onions.” According to the ogre Shrek, “They have layers.” They also smell disgusting and eat whatever dead carcass’s they can find. People that live in the village’s see ogres as big, hideous monsters. They often hunt and try to plot on sabotaging him. Shrek likes to live in complete solitude. He lives in a tree trunk located in a swamp. His door is made of wood and the door mat made of wooden fence panels. Although, his place where he chooses to call…

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  • Master Cat Character Analysis

    stick away from Thunder’s pile and added it to his own. In the end, Thunder was completely confused. Coyote had all the counting sticks, Thunder had none. “Uncle, I won,” said Coyote. “Hand over the fire.” Thunder knew that Coyote had cheated but could not prove it.” Coyote had used his skill of cheating to obtain the fire while making Thunder look foolish trying to prove that he did in fact, cheat. This element is used in “Master Cat,” by stating, “The cat was so terrified at seeing a lion…

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  • Satire Tension In A Modest Proposal

    The investigation found that though the children were directly dehumanized, it was a mechanism to indirectly dehumanize the wealthy Irish. The wealthy are dehumanized as cannibals to illustrate their ogre-like behaviour by following the mercantilist beliefs that the population is a nation’s riches. The wealthy promote an increase of population so that the wages of the people can be kept low and provides the wealthy the opportunity to exploit the poor. Scholars such as Ferguson and Lockwood only…

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  • Compare And Contrast Shrek And Mean Girls

    Rotten Tomatoes, a respected website devoted to film reviews, gave Shrek a high rating of 88% while Mean Girls received a slightly lower rating of 83%, respectively. IMDb, another website that consists of information related to films, also gave Shrek a higher rating than Mean Girls, with Shrek garnering a rating of 7.9 compared to a Mean Girls rating of 7.0. Although the margin between the two movies is small, it gives Shrek the upper hand as the better satirical movie. Statistics aside, is…

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  • Lord Farquaad's Use Of Antisocial Personality Disorder In Shrek

    The Dreamworks film Shrek follows characters through a very strange fairy tale. Through the crazy tale the many characters display many complex issues of psychology such as personality disorders and many downfalls in society. One of the main problems within the movie is discrimination towards the ogres and other fairy tale creatures. Right off the bat a mob comes to Shrek’s swamp looking to kill him. They personally seek him out in his place of residency just because of the fact he is an ogre.…

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