Norodom Sihanouk

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Cambodian Labor Camps

    Fleeing from your home and being put into forced labor camps is something you never want to think about. For Makara Meng and Jaden Li Eung it was a reality. Running down the gravel road with tears in your eyes as you are told you are going to a forced labor camp where beatings happen everyday, many Cambodians have to face this reality. The Khmer Rouge group took over Cambodia and made the civilian lives a living hell. The Khmer Rouge group was a terrorist group that led Cambodia. They forced…

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  • Melinda Luong: My Mother, My Hero

    My mom has been always there for me for all of my best and worst moments. She has fought and sacrificed so much for me, and I know for a fact that she is the one person I can rely on for anything. Melinda Luong is a name I will always smile to and she is the one who is determined to make my life successful and prosperous. My mother deserves a gold medal because she is a hardworking mother of three who will always put her family’s needs in front of hers. She has fought through the communists of…

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  • Madres De La Plaza De Mayo Social Movement

    The social movement of Madres de la Plaza de Mayo (in translation: Mothers of the Plaza the Mayo) was founded during a dark period of Argentina’s history- the so called Dirty war. The Dirty war (Spanish: Guerra Sucia), which was also known as the Process of National Reorganization (Spanish: Proceso de Reorganización Nacional or El Proceso), was a period in which suspected dissidents and subversives where persecuted by the Argentine government. It started in roughly 1974 (although some sources…

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  • 8 Stages Of Cambodian Genocide

    The Cambodian Genocide was one of the most tragic events in world history, and the United States did close to nothing about it. The Genocide fulfilled all 8 stages of Gregory Stanton’s 8 Stages of Genocide on the dot. Classification is the first stage of genocide, which Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge took part in, They classified the people of Cambodia into young and old, educated and uneducated, rich and poor, communist supporters and non-communist supporters. The symbolization used to distinguish…

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  • Pol Pot Significance

    North Vietnam and the US who supported the South. The spread of the Vietnam War to Cambodia was mainly the consequence of the US bombing campaign and their involvement in Cambodia during the Vietnam War which fuelled Pol Pot’s regime. Prince Norodom Sihanouk, the leader of Cambodia, promoted ideologies of nationalism and was determined to maintain his country’s independence…

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  • The Genocide In Cambodia

    The country was ruled by France for almost one hundred years until it gained independence in 1953. According to the Mitchell Hamline School of Law, all power was given to Norodom Sihanouk until 1970 when he was forcibly removed from office by Lon Nol, the Cambodian Lieutenant-General. Sihanouk and his loyal disciples fled and joined a communist group called the Khmer Rouge. Civil war soon started between the Khmer Rouge, led by Pol Pot, and the Khmer Republic, ruled by Lon Nol. Not…

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  • Ro-Cambodia Case Study

    Chapter I: Introduction 1. Background Information After the end of World War II, the interdependence among sovereign states began to emerge all over the globe. States started to cooperate with one another in terms of politics, economics, and security in order to promote the prosperity and peace of their territories. Particularly, The Kingdom of Cambodia, one of the countries that suffered from experience of colonialism, has strengthened the international relation with one of the superpowers…

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