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  • Colorado Symphony: Live Concert Report

    different perspective and interpretation of a piece of music, especially the conductor Andrew Litton. Several instruments such as violin, viola, cello, double bass, brass, woodwind, trumpets , trombones, bass trombone; timpani, snare drum, triangle, cymbals, bass drum, xylophone; harp characterized the scene. The audience enjoyed the vibrating elements that produced the sound in string instruments such as the guitar, harp, piano etc. Obviously, there were genius melodic and harmonic creativity;…

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  • Multiple Different Instruments Used In Zajal Music

    In Zajal music, there are multiple different instruments including the voice. The chorus of men and women who recite the verses of poetry back are known as the Reddadi. There are two main instruments used in zajal music. The derbake is a percussion instrument of Arabic origin used throughout the Middle East. This instruments’ base is made of wood or metal generally and has a patch of goat leather strung across the top. In order to use this instrument, it is placed between the thighs or under the…

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  • Music Education In Middle School Essay

    When a student reaches Middle School age the freedom starts to run rapid. Learning musical concepts establishes self-discipline as well as the standard requirement for behavior. According to a college professor, "musical learning and performance has these values [which] include [ones] [need] to learn and be self disciplined to practice, take instruction and criticism[...] (Petress). Musical learning on a child requires them to establish the mentality to discipline themselves enough to…

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  • Reflection On Self-Directed Search

    simulate the function as both test administrator and client of this instrument. There were three important lessons I have taken away from this exercise: first, progression through the administration process remained tedious, but was needed in order to aid in the client’s comprehension of the tool. Secondly, the client’s utilization of the instrument helped the administrator to counsel the client effectively. Finally, the instrument itself is only as useful as the client is honest, and the…

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  • Music Analysis: Jiangnan Sizhu

    Jessica Liu MUSI 2361 Paper One: Jiangnan sizhu The term sizhu is a musical term that has been used all throughout history in East Asian countries especially Taiwan and China, which describes what the instruments in the genre are made of. Si meaning silk, which is what the strings are made up of in string instruments, and zhu meaning bamboo, which is what the wind instruments in Jiangnan sizhu, are made of. Despite the fact that sizhu is used in different countries, Jiangnan is a “geographical…

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  • Kathrin's Musical Identity

    As Kathrin grew up, she had many musical impressions from her surroundings and hobbies. Some of them I will get into in the main points of this essay. In this essay I will be looking at Kathrin’s musical identity’s evolution out from the traditions she was raised with, and acquired through her life and also the sense of how the musical influences affected her then and now. I will also be looking at different repertoires as examples to further my explanations and evidence to how Kathrin was…

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  • Jazz Vs Rock Music Essay

    along with the use of different musical instruments. Rock is also a music genre which originated in the United States in mid twentieth century. Rock music refers to rocking and rolling, reference to dancing and sex. Also it uses different types of recording techniques and unique instruments. Rock ushered in psychedelic rock era. Many rock musicians have been known as the innovators of different unique musical techniques and forms. While both jazz and Rock are musical styles which are similar in…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Musical Identity

    Macdonald (2008, 39) argues that ‘We are all musical. Every human being has a biological, social and cultural guarantee of musicianship.’ It is hardly possible to live without hearing music in daily life, and people has been building musical identity since they are born by negotiating through it. Thus, music is a significant matter in personal identity and analysis of one’s life can reveal one’s musical identity. This essay will demonstrate the analysis of my musical identity based on my life.…

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  • Personal Narrative: What Makes Me Who I Am

    There are many things that make me who I am; regardless if it comes from the past, present or future. I am a simple person with many hopes, dreams, and ambitions.When talking about my favorite things they range from different spectrums. The first thing that is very exciting to me are films. I nearly go to the movie theater every friday to watch a new movie. I like films like Fast and Furious, Divergent, The Hunger Games, and etc. Films are really cool and depicts dreams that we wish were real.…

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  • Clavichord Case Study

     The clavichord is one of the early stringed keyboard instruments which was popularly used during the late Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque as well as the Classical period.  People mostly played the clavichord as a practice instrument because of the fact that its volume was too soft for large performances.  At the end of each key lever, there is a brass blade called a tangent. When the key is depressed, it pushes up against pairs of strings. The player can make dynamic contrast and is also…

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