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  • Native American Music Research Paper

    everything had a use. This is how many of the instruments came to be. In specificity to the role music played within the culture, that role changed from tribe to tribe. Some tribes, the voice was a huge influence in their music, often times the focus of the music. However, in other tribes, the voice was not often used. In addition, harmonizing is not common in Native American music. Native Americans focused the music on one thing, that being either an instrument or a tribe member’s voice,…

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  • Reflective Essay: A Career As A Sappy Music Class

    The best thing about college is that it grants you the opportunity to learn about a vast range of topics. Even when something is not part of your major, you can take a class that interests you. That is exactly what has brought me to this class. My major is Environmental Health Sciences, but I was attracted to this class because I love music. I do not claim to know much about music, but I do love it. I hope to leave this class with just a bit more knowledge on the subject. Perhaps I will…

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  • Reminiscence Bumps In Popular Music Analysis

    article, it is well structured and presents almost every aspect of the longer one. It clearly states two main points of the longer journal which are “Nostalgia for music” and “Musical Inheritance” in which each one is explained in a very detailed way with the summary of its approach and its result. Especially for “Musical inheritance” point, it even includes statistics such as number of participants, their ages, and the exact time period in which study is found. Hence, it takes people shorter…

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  • Orchestra Concert Report

    I read the playbill that explained how the Warsaw Philharmonic Orchestra is the premiere musical institution of Poland. After I had a sense of the importance of the music I was about to hear, I took the time to look at the setup of the stage. All of the chairs were angled into a semicircle formation, centered around the conductor 's stand. On the left hand side, were the violins and other string instruments with the flute, oboes, and clarinets in the middle and the heavier sounding cellos on the…

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  • Music In The Class Room Research Paper

    Yes music, helps kids learn. Now let’s take a look at the crazy things music can do. Music can change our moods. If a person is sad, upset, or depressed music has ways to change how that person feels. According to multiple studies on the subject, musical therapy not only helped patience, it actually made them happier and helped them cope with their current state or condition. It also helped…

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  • Chorus Candlelight Concert Report

    A study by Charles A. Elliot shows that gender indeed plays a role in the judgement of musical performances, relating instruments to perceived masculine/feminine associations (Elliot 53). While the study is somewhat different because it shows performances of instrumentalists, the same way of thinking can be applied. When an audience member sees an all-female…

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  • Reflection: Chiacchierio, By Niccolo Castiglioni

    The voice, an instrument and element that can shift on different composition levels – melody, timbre research and counterpoint – is for me like standing in the mirror: what does a voice translate and where does it originate from? When does a sound transform into a song…

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  • Tale Of The Magic Drumstick Analysis

    The Tale of the Magic Drumstick Once there was a Chippewa Elder named Francis and he loved music. Music was everything to him. He even made traditional Native American musical instruments. The sound of a drumstick hitting against a hand drum would remind him of his own heart beating. Not to mention how music brings people together. So one night while Francis was sleeping. The creator sent Francis a dream of choke cherry bushes swaying in the wind and elks running through the forest. In the…

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  • Machumann Concert Report Sample

    On 11 November 2016, I attended a concert entitled Schumann & Bruckner that organized by Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO) at PETRONAS Philharmonic Hall which located in Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC). It was an around 120 minute concert including 20 minutes interval in between. Two great works was presented on this day which was Piano Concerto in A minor by Schumann and Symphony No.4 in E flat major- ‘Romantic’ by Bruckner. In this concert, Constantin Trinks was the conductor whereas…

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  • Jeu De Bague Research Paper

    Mique also designed a frivolous Chinese inspired structure built in 1776 called the ‘Jeu de Bague’. This was a small red and silver coloured merry-go-round, which had carved wooden seats in the form of peacocks for the ladies and dragons for the men. As it turned on its axis sounds would emanate from small egg-shaped bells suspended from under its cupola. In 1781 Marie Antoinette had a semi-circular pavilion built behind the Jeu de Bague to provide better shelter from the elements for her guests…

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