Martial arts

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  • Dystopian Film

    in watching two men or women display their superior ass kicking skills on one another. So much so that I endure movies with painfully corny and cliché story lines, all to watch Keanu Reeves in a well tailored suit show off his impressive mixed martial art abilities and military grade handling of assault rifles (John Wick). What the movie lacks in its plot more than graciously substitutes in for its incredibly stylish persona of John Wick, as well as a more than healthy heaping of high intensity,…

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  • Comparison And Contrast Essays: Similarities Between MMA And Boxing

    similar because they both teach skills in self- defense. Although the bear some superficial similarities, The differences between MMA and boxing are very clear if you ever watched or performed in any of these sports. MMA is also known as (Mixed Martial Arts), In MMA they use smaller gloves with openings in the fingertips and are light weight. The gloves are actually used for protection for the knuckles and the opponent's face and body. These gloves can also help with take downs, take downs…

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  • Descriptive Essay About My Gym

    In the locker room are Dan and Jason. I say hello and continue on to my locker. More people come in and everyone starts talking about how bad their day was. It's almost a daily contest to see who can have bragging rights for having the worst day, perhaps they want sympathy or maybe they just like to complain a lot. I find it humorous that a bunch of guys who come in every day to train and beat on each other can complain so much, so I laugh at them and leave the locker room. I start…

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  • Personal Narrative: Ambidexterity In The Martial Arts

    Ambidexterity in the Martial Arts My thoughts on ambidexterity go back to early childhood, long before I had even known there was such a word to describe being able to use both sides of the body with equal ability. When I was a child entering elementary school in the first grade during the middle 1960’s I had naturally started to learn how to print and write using my left hand. However, much to the dismay of my teacher and my parents, the thought of me writing with my left hand must have been…

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  • History Of Taekwondo Essay

    Since the beginning, the formation of taekwondo has evolved with the use of many different techniques and forms. The earliest known form of Taekwondo originated from the Korean martial art Soobak which eventually became known as t’aekyon. In 1955, T’aekyon official became known as modern marital art of Taekwondo (“Taekwondo History”). Although Taekwondo is relatively a new sport in the eyes of Westerners, its origins date back to the early formation of Korea. Archeologist have discovered…

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  • Research Paper On Mixed Martial Arts

    Mixed martial arts have a stigma both to its athletes and the sport. People view it as a blood sport and often compare it to gladiators fighting to the death. Back in the early nineties this was common among society, but today most people accept it as a sport just like boxing. However, there are still people, most likely the older generations, which view it as a blood sport, or two men rolling around on the ground. This type of view drives me nuts because today mixed martial arts is…

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  • Informative Essay About Wrestling

    Mat of Pain What does it feels like being under the spotlight in a room full of people watching and cheering for you to defeat and win against your opponent who you know that is the same strength as you? Does it makes you nervous and makes you want to back out? Why choose wrestling as your sport when you can do basketball? Why settle with tough sport like wrestling? These are only few of the questions I wanted to ask the wrestlers whenever they have a wrestling match. I am not a fan of…

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  • Ip Man Film Analysis

    In order to understand and accurately analyze how directors illustrate honor in Chinese martial arts film, it is imperative that we understand honor’s origin, meaning, and modern connotation. Historically, honor has been an incredibly intricate and important concept in Chinese martial arts and it has its roots in some of China’s most revered philosophers. Honor in martial arts has evolved from two primary philosophies; loyalty and universal love. Loyalty is the sense of devotion to a group i.e.…

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  • Essay On Cardio Kickboxing

    The line between martial arts and professional cardio workout routines is kind of blurry; the difference between learning how to do a high kick and learning how to do a knee pull to an aerobic exercise tape isn't that wide. That said, there are a lot of reasons to take up martial arts, ranging from self confidence building to general exercise and working on balance. One kind of exercise program that's sweeping the gym set is the cardio kickboxing workout. The original cardio kickboxing program…

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  • The Oppression Of Freedom In Bruce Lee's The Game Of Death

    oppression of a freedom that Bruce’s character embodies. Granted average viewers have never faced a mob boss, the premise of an ordinary minority man challenging the tyrannical power of foreigners made for a popular action plot. Lee would then use his martial arts skills, wits, and training in weapons, most popularly the nunchakus, to completely devastate the opposition. His role in these movies inspired others to try and better themselves, stand up for what they believe in, and show that an…

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